“I’ll Buy It”: Joshua vs. Wallin and Wilder vs. Parker PPV Price Revealed and Fans Are All for It

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DAZN has dropped the bombshell on global pricing for the much-anticipated boxing showdown between Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin, alongside the clash between Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker on December 23rd. The pay-per-view (PPV) rates are set at £19.99 in the UK, $39.99 in the USA and Canada, and $21.99 for the rest of the world, sparking varied reactions among fans.

For many fight enthusiasts, the announcement has ignited a spark of excitement. The sentiment echoes. Moreover, The anticipation surrounding these high-profile bouts has seemingly overshadowed the cost, with the hope that the in-ring action will be worth every penny.
The strategic move to implement a global pricing structure is a notable aspect of DAZN’s approach. The company appears to aim for a unified fan experience, irrespective of geographical location. However, the ultimate litmus test lies in the fights themselves. Fans are expressing curiosity about whether the actual bouts will live up to the PPV expenditure.
“I’ll buy it; it’s stacked.” The notion that the card is brimming with promising matchups seems to justify the £20 price tag, at least in the eyes of some fans.
The sentiment is clear in remarks like, “Need to stop pricing them above £20” The reference to past disappointments highlights the importance of delivering compelling matchups that justify the financial investment from fans.
This speculation underscores the delicate balance that streaming platforms must strike in pricing events to attract a substantial audience while not deterring potential buyers. In the midst of these opinions, there’s an acknowledgment of the quality in the proposed price.
The ‘Day of Reckoning’ PPV card, features Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder on December 23rd in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, when the cards were first unveiled earlier this month, even though it had a roster of renowned fighters, fans were left feeling disappointed and skeptical. Critics argue that the card disappointingly pits A-side fighters against weaker B-side opponents, missing an opportunity for compelling matchups. Heavyweight Zhilei Zhang is absent, raising questions about the event’s true competitiveness. There are still doubts about the appeal of the fights and the overall value for money, with concern over its impact on the build-up of the Joshua vs. Wilder clash.
Wilder vs Parker, is undoubtedly a great fight, and Joshua vs Wallin, but what people are truly waiting for is a glimmer of hope that the card’s outcome might lead to significant developments in the heavyweight division, with the possibility of Joshua and Wilder facing each other on a future card, possibly in the undercard of the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk bout in February.
To conclude, people have diverse reactions to DAZN’s global pricing strategy. However, this is all in the planning. The truth is in the fights themselves and whether they deliver the drama and excitement that we expect. The boxing world is now on the countdown to December 23rd to see if the PPV event is a genuine knockout success.

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