“Would Put Up a Better Fight”: Robert Garcia Details What Makes Terence Crawford Different From Jermell Charlo While in Fight Against Canelo Alvarez

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Terence Crawford made the grade for the undisputed championship this year. It was a second one in his case. Canelo Alvarez, on the other hand, defended the undisputed crown for a second time. ‘Bud’ is no longer an undisputed champion. However, a logical stream won’t mind risking a thought that features the two modern-day kings of boxing slugging out in the ring. But there is a problem. Three divisions separate the two from going at each other. It is a big hurdle.

However, Robert Garcia believes that it will fare much better than the dish already served. Jermell Charlo took the plunge and went after Alvarez. Despite all the hype, for many, it proved to be a dud of a match. Most of the fans knew the outcome. But it appeared that the absence of even a semblance of a fight from Charlo had put many of them off. He seemed too deferential to Alvarez, happy to have survived till the penultimate round. But had there been a fight with Crawford, the award-winning trainer believes Canelo Alvarez would have been singing a different tune.

Speaking with Fight Hub TV, Robert Garcia tried explaining how Terence Crawford fighting Canelo would be just another example of how fighting Alvarez propels a boxer up the ranks, so much so that he may never fight again. He was responding when the channel’s reporter asked for his views on a Crawford-Alvarez bout. From his current 147 pounds, ‘Bud’ could climb to meet Jermell Charlo at 154 pounds. However, a leap from 147 to 168 pounds was an all-together different ball game.

However, Robert Garcia continued that the only difference would be the fight per se. Terence Crawford would have fought back and fared much better than Jermell Charlo did. He said, “I think Crawford would probably put up a better fight. I think Crawford would at least try a little bit more. I think Crawford has has that heart, and that you know that that mentality where I’m not going to disappoint. I’m not even if I lose, but I’m still going to go out, and and and he’ll he’ll give Canelo a few rounds.

He cautioned that Alvarez would have a clear size and power advantage. But even in that scenario, ‘Bud’ would have given a good account of himself. “I just think Canelo is just too big and too strong for for him but will he put us a give us a better fight and a better better performance uh I I think he will.

Soon after the July 29 fight with Errol Spence Jr., Terence Crawford sounded off the war bugle to Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo. However, things changed after Alvarez defeated Charlo on September 30.

‘Bud’ made it clear that the Texan boxer was no longer in his crosshairs. The only milestone left for the Nebraskan to achieve would be the Mexican’s crown. Only after that, from a reginal satrap, could he lay claim to the throne of boxing. Anyhow, it will be too early for fans to forgo hope of him squaring up against Alvarez. Next year, if the Mexican icon agrees to meet his mandatory challenger, David Benavidez, then possibly after the fight, depending upon the outcome, a match-up with ‘Bud’ could turn up.


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