With Only Weeks Left for PNC Championship, Tiger Woods’ “Old-School” Yet Valuable Advice to Son Charlie Sees Light

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The charm of Tiger Woods seems to strengthen with each passing day. His magic has not faded, even after a prolonged seven-month hiatus. With his comeback date coming closer with each passing day, the golf world can’t contain its overflowing love and happiness on the matter.

Recently, there has been talk about one of this legend’s pieces of advice. His ideology as a golfer is not only looked up to but also extremely interesting to decode. Interestingly, Wood’s career-changing advice to his talented son, Charlie Woods, was also revealed in the same exchange. Here is what the legend taught his son, Charlie:

Golf world legend Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Woods are truly a magic duo. The father-son amalgamation was last seen at the Florida High School State Championship conducted at Mission Inn Resort. Their next team-up is expected to be at the 2023 PNC Championship next month; however, it isn’t yet confirmed. As the golf world awaits their return, focus draws on the advice the golf legend gives his son; after all, Woods is Charlie’s first ever and go-to mentor!

In a recent podcast, Tiger Woods’s key advice was talked about. While addressing the same, Chris Trott, the director of Global Tour-Sports marketing for TaylorMade Golf, has taken the initiative to share an interesting insight. Trott has talked about how Woods advises his son, Charlie, to always remain focused on the center in his gameplay.

Chris Trott said, “He focuses when you’re around him—center strike, centeredness of strike. And when he’s with Charlie, like he always talks about, you got to hit it in the center, whether it’s chipping pitching, long irons, or wood; everything’s focused around the center. Nowadays, in golf, you can get away with not hitting the center. But the way he is, he’s more old-school.”

They also talked about how the traditional rules of the sport have lost their importance as time has progressed. However, Tiger Woods remains an idealistic old-school person, and it is clearly visible in his teachings to his son, Charlie. And this will undoubtedly only be pushed further into the limelight now that Woods is officially returning to the PGA Tour!

After several months of waiting for Tiger Woods’s professional hiatus to come to an end, the hopes of the golf world have finally become reality. The professional golfer has announced his return for next month. Tiger Woods will be seen playing at the 2023 Hero World Challenge and spreading the golf world with the happiness of seeing their favorite finally return.

Woods will not just be playing on the day of his comeback. In fact, Tiger Woods is also going to host the Hero World Challenge. Surely, his return could not have been more perfect.


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