“This Time I Don’t Have Answer”: Fans Get Into a Heated Debate Choosing Between Gervonta Davis and Terence Crawford Over No. 1 Pound-for-Pound Crown

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In a sport such as boxing, due to the various factors and intricacies involved it becomes hard to properly compare boxers. Thus the debate about the potential best boxer in any era can lead people to an unending back-and-forth with no conclusions. Moreover, the boxing world is currently thriving with various talented fighters from both the upcoming and previous generations. Fighters such as Canelo Alvarez, and Terence Crawford have long proven their might through their performances.

However, there are also various young fighters such as Gervonta Davis, and Naoya Inoue, who have left the fans shocked with their boxing prowess. Pound-for-pound ranking is usually used to ignore the gap in the weight classes these fighters fight at. Thus, it often begins a raging debate when the question of- ‘Who is the pound-for-pound king?’ arises. Some time ago Alvarez had a stranglehold on this position. However as the question was raised once again on social media, this time, opinions seem to vary.

The debate over the number one pound-for-pound (p4p) boxer has sparked intense discussions among fans. Recently, Gervonta Davis and Terence Crawford have become central figures in this heated conversation, leaving fans divided on who truly deserves the coveted top spot. One fan claimed, “Bud for sure, man is literally on top of the world, name someone that would rank higher…!”.

Another fan picked ‘Tank’ to be the favorite, writing, “Tank the most complete boxer and can only get better just unstoppable.” Meanwhile, one fan appeared unable to determine a better boxer between Crawford and Inoue. The fan wrote, “It’s between Crawford and Inoue. Take your pick. Cases can be made for both.”

However, one fan wasn’t quick to take a side and simply added, “This time I don’t have answer”. A fan appeared confident in ‘Bud’s skills as he stated, “Unlike many on SM, this guy is not my favorite fighter…he’s just the best in any weight division, Terrence Bud Crawford!”

Another fan pointed out the fight between Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. and stated that the undisputed champion deserves the spot. The fan wrote, “After the Errol Spence fight you got to give it to bud.”

One fan shared their support for Alvarez while criticizing those supporting Crawford. He criticized, “Man just one fight and people are already on Crawford’s D. Don’t count Canelo out, I bet you he will even defeat Benavidez soon. He’s the real P4P king!”.


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