‘Should Be Thanking LIV’: 3 Reasons Tiger Woods Might Listen to Greg Norman’s Demand

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By the end of the year, things are falling into place for Tiger Woods. Though he hasn’t played this year because of his injury, his power at the PGA Tour has only strengthened. The year 2023 has brought major changes in the role of Woods as a crucial member of the PGA Tour. And now he is being heavily compensated for it as well.

On Wednesday, the PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program (PIP) released its list of top golfers who are getting rewarded for their loyalty towards the Tour. And Tiger Woods is prominent on that list. With this addition, now the 15-time Major winner has three big things to thank the league for.
On November 22, the PGA Tour announced its list of Top 20 players who have made it to their PIP. The first name on the list is that of Rory McIlroy who will be given a huge paycheck of $15 million. Following him on the second spot is Tiger Woods, who will be rewarded with $12 million. This definitely is a huge sum for a player who hasn’t played in a single event this year.

But the Tour chose to kindly bestow it upon him as recognition of his trust in them and vice versa. For this year, the PIP has got an elevated pay bracket reaching $100 million. The remaining amount will be distributed benevolently to the other 18 players. This program was started two years ago with the intention of keeping the top players committed to the league by providing them monetary compensation for their continuance with them. And in regards to Woods and McIlroy, they definitely have succeeded in getting a good sum.

Moreover, Tiger got another sweet perk from the league. When the news of the merger of the three big leagues was announced, Woods felt betrayed by the PGA Tour he stood by and fought hard for. However, within a few days, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan announced the news of Woods becoming the sixth Policy Board member. This not only made Woods happy but also the other golfers in the league, who found their representative in him.

These definitely are some big milestones that the golfer has achieved despite not playing on the Tour or not earning any official money in any tournament this year. And as LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman said last year, there is one more reason to make Tiger Woods happy with regards to LIV.

In 2022, Greg Norman said, “The players of the PGA Tour are the benefactors of what LIV has done being the leader on a new delivery mechanism. Every PGA Tour player should be thanking LIV, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.” And it is a fact to consider indeed. When Woods felt that the PGA Tour had lost a significant amount of important players to LIV Golf, he in collaboration with McIlroy came up with the idea of TGL, which is kind of similar to the Saudi Arabian league.


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