Floyd Mayweather’s Uncle Slaps the Taste Out of a Former Pro Boxer’s Mouth for Trash-Talking

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A normal human being would never antagonize a seasoned veteran from the sport of boxing. However, a former pro boxer, Amadi Chevalier, decided to do exactly that. Recently, Amadi visited the Mayweather Boxing Club, named after legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. While there, Amadi called on Jeff Mayweather to help him hit the pads just like when he was a pro. However, things quickly took a hilarious turn when the former pro started poking fun at Floyd’s uncle.

To put Jeff’s prowess into perspective, Jeff had a successful boxing career before he followed his brother into the world of training boxers. The legend has trained the likes of Sultan Ibragimov, Celestino Caballero, and even Floyd for some time. So, who in their right mind would risk their physical well-being by taunting Jeff Mayweather? Apparently, the former pro boxer would. Here is what happened next!
Recently, The Mayweather Channel uploaded the clip in question on YouTube, where Amadi can be seen engaged in a pad session with Jeff Mayweather. However, rather than focusing on his moves, Amadi decided to poke fun at Mayweather by saying things like – “You old bro, you must have got married,” or “I had Jeff before he got sick, back when Jeff was real quick.” Initially, Jeff did not take these taunts that seriously, but he stepped on the gas later during the session.
Landing several body shots, left and right hooks on the former pro that resulted in Amadi dropping to the canvas. While it made for an amusing scene in the Mayweather Boxing Club, it also goes to show that one should never mess with seasoned veterans. On a separate note, Floyd Mayweather is often considered the best boxer in the world. However, Jeff Mayweather had crowned Floyd’s former rival as the best.

It’s been quite a while since Floyd Mayweather retired from the sport of boxing. Meanwhile, one of his former rivals has convinced Jeff Mayweather that they are the best in boxing. Back in 2022, Jeff appeared in a podcast with Thaboxingvoice, where he revealed his pick for the best fighter in the sport.

Speaking to the host, Jeff revealed that he thinks of Canelo Alvarez very highly. “I think extremely, extremely high of Canelo,” said Jeff. He also added, “I do think that he’s the best fighter in the world right now,” Jeff said. The legendary coach even claimed that if Canelo fought David Benavidez, he would give the edge to Canelo Alvarez.


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