“So Uneasy”: Amid Simone Biles’ Wisconsin Visit Baby Biles’ Ongoing Health Crisis Raises Concerns

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Gymnastics queen Simone Biles and NFL’s Jonathan Owens have been enjoying the crisp Wisconsin air in Green Bay. Biles, on much-deserved time away from the gymnastics mat, was once again the perfect cheerleader and a good luck charm for Owens at the Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Chargers game.

Their reunion has brought joy to their countless fans; however, miles away from her aunt TT in Houston, her littlest and favorite fan, Baby Biles, is facing upsetting health concerns.

In a recent Instagram story, Sammi Biles, the sister-in-law of Simone Biles, shared a picture of Ronni dressed in a football and maple leaf sweatshirt, sipping her cup and watching TV intently. Sammi added a “type something” option and asked her fans, “If your little has had RSV before turning 1, how long was recovery for them?”. Ronni is days away from turning one year old. The whole Biles clan has been awaiting this moment, but the little angel has been dealing with RSV.

Sammi shared an update on Baby Biles’ health, writing, “A 9 p.m. “Power Nap” [however, we will take any rest or sleep she can get rn so trying to go with the flow and let her sleep whenever she wants to help her continue to recover from RSV and not care about a schedule even tho we need sleep too & that rattle in her chest makes me so uneasy]” with a teary eye emoji. This was just days after she shared the tumultuous journey Ronni has had in the past year.


Sammi Biles recently took to Instagram, sharing a picture of Baby Biles snuggled beside her. Sammi expresses pride in her tiny angel’s resilience, overcoming challenges from COVID and Norovirus to now battling RSV. She even stated how grateful she was to be her mother and said there’s nowhere else she’d rather be than cuddling her little miracle.

Sammi opened up about the chaos currently unfolding in their lives, from Thanksgiving prep to first birthday prep to waiting anxiously for Ron Biles II’s hip replacement, but still thanking Ronnie, she said, “We are here and we are making it.” With just days to go before her first birthday, fans of Baby Biles and her aunt Simone Biles hope the tiny angel can soon fully recover to full health. 

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