“Not the Dangerous Criminal”: Fans Once Again Get Into Heated ‘Face of Boxing’ Debate Between Gervonta Davis and Canelo Alvarez

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Two figures, Canelo Alvarez and Gervonta “Tank” Davis, are at the center of a heated debate. Canelo, hailed by some as a boxing virtuoso, possesses a unique ability to command an audience single-handedly.

This sentiment is echoed by enthusiasts who argue that Canelo’s star power transcends the need for a supporting cast. On the other side of the ring, Tank Davis faces the critique that his boxing success relies on the presence of other boxers. As fans battle out who they think is the best in the ring in the comment section, both Canelo Alvarez and Tank Davis also weigh in on their pick of the best of the best.

Unsurprisingly, both Canelo Alvarez and Tank Davis are undoubtedly the faces of the sport. With both bruisers coming from remarkable wins this year, and both bruisers claiming that they indeed are the best in the business, it is now up to the fans to finally decide who they really think is the essence of the sport.

However, amidst this discussion, there’s a call for objectivity. A voice stands out, dismissing any labels and focusing on the essence of the sport. This fan believes that even though he thinks both the boxers are clowns, he thinks that the Mexican native fares better.

It’s a stark contrast in the business of boxing, where individual drawing power becomes a measure of a fighter’s impact.

Gervonta Davis was released from a 44-day Baltimore jail stay, having violated house arrest terms after a guilty plea in May for a 2020 accident. Labeled a “dangerous criminal,” the incident raises questions about the comprehensive nature of his boxing title and its potential impact on the sports-centric narrative surrounding the athlete.

The names Jacobs, Kovalev, and Plant stand out as beacons of exhilarating moments in Canelo’s recent fight history. Thus sparking a discussion on the quality that truly defines a captivating match.

As we navigate the diverse perspectives in the boxing universe, a fan revealed a secret option 3. A GIF featuring Terence Crawford walking with Eminem injects a dose of pop culture into the narrative, and says it all.

Davis’s recent victory against Ryan Garcia positioned him as a potential transcendent crossover star. Thus emphasizing his undefeated record and drawing power, despite legal controversies. He confidently declared himself the face of boxing, hinting at a promising future with potential matchups against high-profile contenders.

Although both of them have recognized the potential in Gervonta Davis. Canelo says that Davis still has miles to go before he can be crowned the “king”. Moreover, Canelo’s refusal to agree with the notion that one bout should be taken as a face of boxing. He underscores the importance he places on hard work and achievement, Additionally, he outlines a high benchmark based upon his standing as a continuing pound-for-pound master.

In the ring and beyond, the stories of Canelo, Tank, and others weave a narrative that extends beyond victories and defeats. The heart of boxing beats with the passion of its fans, the controversies, and the stories that unfold both inside and outside the squared circle.

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