Mike Tyson Promises “Knockout Experience” as He Announces New Cannas Product ‘Night Bites’

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Mike Tyson retired from the sport, but he remains just as relevant. He has his own podcast named, ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,’ and the podcast lives up to its name. During the episodes, ‘Iron Mike,’ lights up his joint and hosts notable guests from all walks of life. Needless to say, the former two-time heavyweight champion is an advocate of canna**s through and through. The fact that he has been running multiple canna**s companies is a testament to the same. According to Sun, he earns around $620,000 a month from his canna**s business.

Amongst other things, Tyson catalyzes his influence and has several business-to-consumer ventures. One of his businesses is named, ‘Tyson 2.0’, which sells various forms of canna**s products. Intriguingly, his business has been quite lucrative for him. As per Market Watch, last year the company made over $160 Million in revenue, which is nothing to scoff at. However, Mike Tyson recently announced a new canna**s product ‘Night Bites’.

Iron Mike launched a new product under his ‘Mike Bites’ lineup, and the name of the product is, ‘Night Bite’. In a recent post on Instagram, the former heavyweight champ gives an inside peek into the production of Night Bite. The product is an edible canna**s product that assists in longer, deeper, and faster sleep. The caption of the post stated, “Night Bites coming soon to a store near you 🥊 Get ready for a knockout experience.”

The product is morphed into the shape of the ear, which is an homage to the infamous ear-biting incident in which Tyson bit Evander Holyfield‘s ear mid-fight. In the clip, while showcasing the product, Tyson said, “It is beautiful.” Safe to say that, Tyson loves to sell canna**s as much as he loves to consume it.

On his podcast, Tyson revealed that he spends an enormous amount of money on canna**s and, specifically, marijuana. While talking to his guest, former NFL player Eben Britton, he revealed, “What do we smoke a month? Is it $40,000 a month?” However, that amount is not a big thing for Iron Mike as he earns tenfold that from his canna**s businesses. According to the Sun, he alone earns around $620,000 a month from his businesses.

With the advent of his company, Tyson has found a new way to connect with the fans. Moreover, it would not be reasonable to say that it has proven to be reasonable for him. That being said, we are curious to know what you make of his canna**s business and its success of it.

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