‘It Collapsed’: LIV Golf Fans Brutally Tear Apart Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods’ TGL Despite Unfortunate Mishap

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In a recent turn of events, the first simulator golf league that was scheduled to debut in January year 2024 has delayed its operations and inauguration. Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL has been affected by a power failure system that damaged the high-tech dome of the custom-built SoFi Center.

TGL has postponed the 2024 schedule and pushed it over to 2025. The 24 players and 6 franchise teams were confirmed. Amid the chaos, LIV Golf’s devotees got a chance to belittle TGL and its owners.

On November 14, the SoFi Center on the Palm Beach State University campus had a power system failure. The air-inflated dome was deflated and damaged as per the power failure. Fortunately, there were no injuries or further damages.

However, a statement released by TGL on X read that after consulting their various partners and the PGA Tour, the league has decided to delay the start of TGL. It will now be played in 2025 with the venue built perfectly. As the announcement came, TGL opposers got a chance to berate the league.

Flushing It shared the statement on its X while calling the league dead. The post reached LIV Golf’s fans, as TGL was compared to LIV since its inception. The admirers of the breakaway league could not fathom that TGL was accepted by the PGA Tour, though LIV faced scrutiny.

As a result, the fans had a chance to defend their league and simultaneously show their dissatisfaction with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s innovative venture.

After the announcement, the LIV Golf fans did not waste a breath and voiced their opinions about the tech-infused league. As a fan reminded the agility of LIV while criticizing TGL for failing to build a “tent”.

With TGL postponing there are numerous rumors surrounding it, whether people like it or not, the league will definitely bring forth a wave of freshness and innovation in the game of golf.


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