Revealed – How Do Patrick Mahomes, Tiger Woods & LeBron James Keep a Check on Their Fitness?

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Football, golf, and basketball are physically demanding sports requiring continuous body monitoring to maximize practice results. People like Patrick Mahomes, Lebron James, and Tiger Woods use special gear that helps them track their sleep cycle, calorie intake, energy burned, and everything in between. These fitness tracking devices are called WHOOP and have got the attention of many — not just the athletes.

The company has conducted in-depth research on the sporting legends and compiled its own data, making a convincing case for its little tracking device. The tracker analyzes the body 24/7 and notes even minuscule changes in the body, training schedule, or recovery.

The gear operates on three main metrics: recovery, sleep, and strain. For Patrick Mahomes, the device has proved to be a miracle, as it assesses physical stress and mental health. He can easily compare the metrics of off-season and in-season reports. According to their report, Mahomes averaged 19.5 days of strain on a Sunday during the off-season, like running a marathon.

The device has even recorded Mahomes everywhere, like on the field, off the field, while on timeout, in the game against the Bills, everywhere! An in-depth analysis can be found on WHOOP’s website.

For the likes of King James, the device comes in handy differently. LeBron James is a legend and although he is 38 years old, he doesn’t seem to be aging. Maybe the device does wonders, considering it also tracks meals, and people like James have a personal chef who can cook the most apt meals per the athlete’s requirements.

The NBA has a rule that teams are not allowed to invest in a multi-year contract with a player who reaches a certain age. James reached that age but still managed to score a multi-year contract with his current team. The 24/7 analysis of his body has kept James running, and he keeps himself fit to stay in the league as long as possible. WHOOP claims that the device has kept injuries at bay and decreased the chances of injuries by a whopping 60%.

The world of PGA is no stranger to WHOOP either. Golfers like Tiger Woods, Scott Stallings, and Justin Thomas have been known to take full advantage of this device. It helps them track their every move when they are on a golf course and when they are not even on it. For golfers, it is imperative to track heart rate, sleep patterns, and strain. The device is capable of doing just that. The high-end programming of this device is a nerd’s dream, the way it gathers data and transfers it over the app.

“The Whoop’s micro-brain then cogitates over those numbers and spits out algorithmically grounded feedback by way of an app, providing the user with what amounts to a physiological snapshot along with suggestions on how they might modify their routines for peak fitness and wellness,” mentioned WHOOP on their website.

Given that it’s so good at what it does and that some of the big names across the sports leagues are the proponents of the device, one would think that it is an expensive piece of technology. However, the $83 price tag doesn’t seem all that much when caring for one’s physical and mental health.





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