Simone Biles Finds Unique “W.A.Y.S” To Cope With Fur-Baby Stress

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Simone Biles, who has overcome the most difficult obstacles in her sporting career, now has to deal with the complex dynamics of being a pet parent. It all began after she returned to her Texas mansion post her supporting trysts for her husband, Jonathan Owens. The Green Bay Packers player lives away due to NFL commitments while Biles lives with their adorable bulldogs, Lilo, Rambo, and Zeus. She, however, has a few tricks up her sleeve to mitigate a rather troublesome pet-induced situation.

Just recently, an unanticipated conflict took place between her French bulldog, Rambo, and Owens English bulldog Zeus stressing the gymnast. Even the most successful athletes have to deal with the common challenges of daily life. Still a budding-pet-mom who’s learning the nitty gritty of being a watchful pet parent, Biles shared an update with her fans betwixt this distress.

The seven-time Olympic medalist shared her perpetual uphill battles with her adorably feral bulldogs on Instagram. For context, what at first appeared to be innocuous antics developed into a full-blown dominance battle. Following the update, Simone shared another Instagram story with a screenshot of the song ‘W.A.Y.S.’ by Jhené Aiko. She added a few hand-heart emojis, saying it’s her calm amid the chaotic home setting. Pet owners would relate to her situation, wouldn’t they?

In her previous story, the most decorated gymnast vented her annoyance and described her thorough attempts—which included using sprays, diapers, and obedience training—to keep her pet problems at bay, but to no avail. She even confessed to considering the painful option of permanently splitting from her furry friends. While the fate of Zeus and Rambo is still unknown, Biles turns to her Instagram family for comfort.

Known for being forthright, Simone often draws attention to the continuing drama with her pets. Fans speculate on the resolution or whether it’s a request for further help after reading the cryptically esoteric post. The seriousness of the matter is evident as her fans eagerly anticipate the release of the next chapter in her canine chronicles, and Biles is turning to her online network for support and guidance.

The furry distress in Simone Biles’s life to be nipped in the bud or not to be?

Just one week post their Mexico destination wedding, the Packers called on Owens to Wisconsin for training. Since then, which is even before Simone’s comeback, she has been a single parent to their pets, sometimes joined by Jonathan during his breaks. Meanwhile, Biles keeps updating her legions of fans with their everyday shenanigans.

Previous posts on her Instagram account document a string of hardships, including instances in which the dogs even ate worms. She frequently talks about trying many solutions and even asks her followers for assistance on how to sail through the storms effectively.

Just recently, in her frustration, she also revealed some huge announcements about moving into her dream house—which she shares with her husband. She is excited for her new house to be finished, but the dog-related problems have brought an unanticipated level of stress to her already busy life. Even the most accomplished people have to deal with everyday hardships, even if the problem is as common as being a pet mom.




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