“He Got Away With the First One”: Commentator Uses Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and Roy Jones Jr. As Examples to Reveal Only Condition for Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. Rematch to Make Sense

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Less than two months after the defeat to Terence CrawfordErrol Spence Jr. activated the rematch clause in September to fight ‘Bud’ at 154 lbs. According to ‘The Truth,’ his timing was off at 147 lbs where the duo fought in July. In this connection, given Spence Jr. believed he would feel physically better at junior Middleweight, he insisted the rematch took place at 154 lbs.

Later, supporting Spence Jr.’s statement, among others, Deontay Wilder claimed he found ‘The Truth’ a little drained of which ‘Bud’ took advantage. In short, a certain section embraced the view that Specne Jr. was not at his physical best on July 29th. On that note, ShowBizz the Adult, known for his commentaries on boxing, explained how Spence Jr. vs. Crawford must be assessed.

In simple terms what ShowBizz the Adult means is that often professional boxers, who are wage labourers, step inside the ring despite unhealed injuries given the obligations and responsibilities they have. As a result, despite being skilful and impressively athletic, there are times when they are outshone and dominated by their opponents in the ring. “Let me know why that performance was the worst shit I’ve ever seen,” started ShowBizz the Adult.

Floyd [Mayweather] said he had a torn rotator cuff against [Jose Luis] Castillo. The second fight he was healthier and he definitely won the second one. I think he got away with the first one,” he continued. In this context, he also referred to Manny Pacquiao facing ‘TBE’ with a “hurt shoulder” in 2015. Additionally, he mentioned how Roy Jones Jr. even declined after cutting “25lbs of muscles.

In this connection, ShowBizz argued that if Spence Jr. was not at his physical best during the Crawford fight, how he lost was somewhat justified. However, if one must believe that ‘The Truth’ fought Crawford at his best, the rematch should not happen.

In ShowBizz’s opinion, while fans criticize the boxers’ performances, one must understand the physical condition in which they often entered the ring. Likewise, the commentator added, “If the guy was fighting with one hand, then, ok. That’s how we assess it. That’s what I’m doing with Errol Spence.”


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