“That’s Even Better for Business”: Mike Tyson Demands More Championship Titles in Boxing for a Very Noble Reason

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Mike Tyson, though retired, stays busy and just as relevant in the boxing industry as the boxers. Analysts and interviewers rush to the legend for his opinion and insight on every upcoming fight and every new situation. It has been revealed that Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are set to clash in a battle for the undisputed heavyweight title.

In Saudi Arabia on February 17, Fury will defend his WBC belt against Usyk, who holds the WBA, IBF, and WBO titles. It’s a collision of two heavyweight titans in Riyadh, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. While the buzz about the clash is multiplying, Tyson has pulled attention towards a pressing issue.

In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Tyson spoke about the upcoming match. In the same conversation, he brought forward the issue of having only a few championships while fighters are desperate to find a speck of an opportunity to compete for a title. There are often criticisms levelled against boxing that the sport has many organizations and each organization has titles across every weight division. For most, this is too much, however, not for Tyson.

Remarking on the need for every contender to get a shot at the title, Tyson said, “By having one champion and there’s so many contenders, the contenders are not gonna get an opportunity to fight for the title.” Tyson explained that having more titles provides every fighter a chance and platform to test out their skills, stating, “That’s even better for business.” From a business perspective as well, it would fare well when the revenue is considered.

Many often complain about there being too many organizations making things messy. Tyson has the answer ready for this. He said, “Well, without the organizations, fighters wouldn’t have a chance.” The legend himself was of a similar opinion, but with time and experience, he has learned that the opposite holds true.

“If they can’t fight for the title, they can’t take care of their family. You know that’s the money fight, that’s the championship fight, so the many championship fights you have, the better it is for the fighter,” stated Tyson. Moreover, it all boils down to looking out for the fighters who toil hard to earn their bread and put their lives on the line for the industry to flourish.

The buzz surrounding the impending clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is reaching a crescendo, with none other than the legendary Mike Tyson offering his insight. As Tyson delves into the analysis, his words carry the weight of years spent in the ring. “I Look forward to that fight, really. That’s going to be an interesting fight,” says the former champion, hinting at the anticipation surrounding the bout.

Tyson shares his prediction, leaning towards Fury due to his behemoth-like power. The former Heavyweight champion’s words unveil a path to victory for Fury. “He’s going to catch up with him and overpower him I feel. I think I could be wrong,” said Iron Mike, acknowledging the inherent unpredictability of the sweet science.


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