A Year After the $5 Million Fight, Rolando Romero Makes a Startling Confession on Why Fighting Gervonta Davis Was His Life’s “Biggest Blessings”

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In a surprising turn of events, Rolando Romero, the boxer who raked in a cool $5 million from his showdown with Gervonta Davis last year, has spilled the beans on why stepping into the ring with Davis was more than just a lucrative career move. In the early rounds of the fight, ‘Rolly’ appeared to be the superior fighter, showcasing his skills dominantly.

Tank, however, shifted the momentum of the fight in the sixth round with a well-timed left hand that coincided with Rolly’s attempt at a right. In the end, the victory was in Tank’s name. The confession, delivered in a candid tweet, has now confused much of the boxing community, leaving fans and pundits alike scratching their heads to understand the deeper layers behind Romero’s unexpected revelation.
The allure of a $5 million payday is undoubtedly a powerful motivator for any athlete, but for Romero, the significance of facing Gervonta Davis transcended mere financial gain. In an X (formerly Twitter) post that caught the attention of fans and critics alike, Romero declared, “Gervonta was one of my life’s biggest blessings, and I ain’t talking about money either.” He concluded the post by writing, “Some things are deeper than boxing.” This statement opens a window into a narrative that extends beyond the glitz and glamour of the boxing world.
For those closely following Romero’s journey, the apparent contradiction between the financial windfall and the spiritual blessing raises intriguing questions. What was it about facing Gervonta Davis that elevated the experience beyond the realm of a high-stakes prizefight? Certainly, one to only look at the bright side of things, the lightweight had to overcome a lot in his life to reach where he is currently. Romero, not too long ago, had revealed how he had to overcome a childhood speech impediment.

Rolando Romero, who was given the chance to face Gervonta Davis a year ago, stood out not only for his unbeaten record and punching power but for his bold, brash attitude and promotional prowess. Despite being an exceptional trash talker and a draw for attention, Romero’s ability to speak confidently in public was hard-won. Struggling with a lisp and speech impediment until the age of 11, Romero faced teasing and harassment in his Nevada hometown.

Though the fights over his speech impediment didn’t directly lead him to boxing, they played a role in shaping his affinity for combat. While now bilingual and articulate in public, Romero admits to lingering insecurity about his speech, a stark contrast to his confident demeanor discussing his boxing skills. Romero often reflects on the transformative journey from a speech-impaired child to a fighter commanding attention in and out of the ring.

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