“Wilder Doesn’t Want That Smoke”: Anthony Joshua’s “Serious Power” in Recent Training Clip Ahead of December Saudi Arabi Fight Leaves Fans Impressed

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In the world of heavyweight boxing, power speaks louder than words, and Anthony Joshua’s recent training video speaks volumes. Scheduled to face Otto Wallin in a crucial bout in Saudi Arabia this December, Joshua appears to be leaving no stone unturned. His punches, quick and devastating, echo through the gym like thunderclaps, hinting at a storm brewing for his opponent. Interestingly, Anthony Joshua has switched trainers, now working with Ben Davison instead of Derrick James.

This change could signal a new strategy or a fresh perspective in his approach. As Joshua trains, the heavyweight scene watches intently, especially with talks of a future clash with Deontay Wilder. What does this shift mean for Joshua? Can his renewed vigor and power redefine his legacy?

On December 23, the boxing world turns its eyes to Saudi Arabia, where Anthony Joshua will face Otto Wallin in a high-stakes heavyweight showdown. This event, teeming with talent, also features Deontay Wilder against Joseph Parker, setting the stage for potential future mega-fights.

Amidst this excitement, a recent training video of Joshua has stirred the boxing community. In it, Joshua’s power punches resonate with formidable intensity, drawing varied reactions from fans.

“Man that’s some serious power,” comments one fan, capturing the awe inspired by Joshua’s display. Another fan offers a vivid comparison: “Anthony Joshua punches like a 45 revolver with a glass chin. While Deontay Wilder punches like a AK-47 with a chin made in China.”

Another fan, expresses confidence in Joshua’s prowess, asserting, “Wilder doesn’t want that smoke.”  Similarly, one fan champions Joshua’s knockout power: “AJ still got that knockout power f**k the haters let’s go AJ the haters that talk crap about him wouldn’t last a minute in the ring with AJ.”

Another keen observer remarked on the underestimation of Joshua: “Bro people sleep on him so much! It’s time to start showing.” This comment points to a narrative of resilience and redemption that surrounds Joshua, especially considering his journey back from defeats.

These reactions collectively paint a picture of a fighter at a critical juncture. With the December 23 card fast approaching, Joshua’s training clip has not only showcased his physical capabilities but has also ignited a fervent conversation among fans and experts alike.

Deontay Wilder’s recent Instagram post has set the boxing world abuzz with anticipation. Addressing Anthony Joshua directly, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ expressed his eagerness for their long-awaited bout, assuring fans that the clash “will happen.” Wilder, known for his knockout prowess, emphasized the significance of their potential matchup, stating, “It’s good to be in the same room with him. To see him face to face. It’s been a long time coming.”

He conveyed his respect for Joshua, wishing him the best, he added, “And hopefully, soon, we can get it on in the ring. Get the people what they want, once and for all.” His words not only promise an epic showdown but also hint at the intense preparation he’s undergoing, including a knockout strategy he’s “cooking in the kitchen.”

This upcoming event isn’t just about individual matches; it’s a potential prelude to one of the most eagerly awaited heavyweight clashes. Wilder’s promise to Joshua and the fans adds another layer of excitement to an already electric atmosphere.


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