Despite $8M Lawsuit, Manny Pacquiao Settles Beef With Conor McGregor as Boxing Legend Shares a Smile With Mike Tyson and UFC Star

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Conor McGregor has been busy while he prepares to make his long-awaited return to the UFC Octagon. The Irish superstar was linked to a Michael Chandler fight at the end of this year but the bout never materialized due to issues with USADA protocols. However, that hasn’t stopped ‘The Notorious’ from calling out fighters from other combat sports in the meantime!

During the Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury bout in Riyadh, McGregor had made some interesting remarks about boxer, Manny Pacquiao. The two men were apparently involved in talks surrounding a crossover bout but the negotiations weren’t enough to reach a deal. This led to a lawsuit being served between the two camps. Although it seemed like the two men were engaged in a war of words, Pacquiao recently shared a post on Instagram that indicates things between the pair have now settled down!

In an interview with BT Sport ahead of the Ngannou vs Fury bout, McGregor revealed the backstory behind him and Pacquiao attempting to set up a crossover superfight. McGregor revealed that there were serious talks about him and Manny Pacquiao engaging in a boxing match in Saudi Arabia around two or three years ago.

But the fight fell through and McGregor’s management team successfully sued Pacquiao for not following through on the proposed two-fight deal. This led to McGregor taking shots at Pacquiao on social media, where he stated, “Where’s my $8 million from that court case, Manny Pacquiao? You owe me $8 million, Manny.” The voice note by McGregor on Twitter/X has since been deleted.

However, the two men have now seemingly buried the hatchet. A recent post by Pacquiao on Instagram shows him with McGregor, Roberto Duran, and Mike Tyson, all smiles. Pacquiao captioned the post, “Tag team in a street fight anyone? I got my team 😂”

The Instagram post featuring both fighters, along with Roberto Duran and Mike Tyson, suggests a reconciliation, with Pacquiao playfully proposing a tag team in a street fight. This turn of events hints at a resolution between the two camps, leaving fans intrigued about what the future holds for these iconic figures in the world of combat sports.

But McGregor’s return to the UFC Octagon has been the cause of much speculation amongst MMA fans. And latest reports indicate that the ‘Notorious’ will be making his comeback in 2024!

McGregor and his coach share different timelines for his return

Conor McGregor has claimed that he is ready to fight at the historic UFC 300 card. Despite his coach John Kavanagh recently stating that there is a possibility of McGregor fighting again in July 2024. McGregor has now come out and made an interesting statement regarding his availability for UFC 300 which is scheduled for April 2024.

McGregor’s comments came in response to a fan on Twitter/X inquiring about him taking part in UFC 300. McGregor responded by stating, “In!” to confirm his interest in the PPV event.

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UFC 300, a monumental pay-per-view event scheduled for April, is anticipated to feature top-tier fighters. With Jon Jones sidelined, McGregor could be the ideal candidate to headline the event. The significance of UFC 300 for McGregor is noteworthy, considering his recent struggles in the lightweight division with just one victory and consecutive losses to Dustin Poirier.


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