Serena Williams’ Remarkable ‘Creativity’ Leads to Commencement of a Massive Business Venture as Husband Alexis Ohanian Reaps Rewards

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Alexis Ohanian adores every aspect of his wife, Serena Williams, the tennis legend, the incredible mother, and the businesswoman. Whether it be on or off the tennis court, he knows how to hype her up and motivate her to give her best. Recently, in the same vein, the 40-year-old American entrepreneur applauded his wife’s creativity skills, which brought a popular toy into the market.

The 42-year-old American tennis legend last year donned a creative hat and tried her hands as a writer while introducing a children’s character, Qai Qai, into the world. With time, it’s not only a character but a popular doll among children.

Recently, the Reddit co-founder took to his Twitter account to share an amazing insight regarding how their daughter’s favorite fall, Qai Qai, is now available for other children through the couple’s own company. At the same time as making this incredible announcement, he praised the 23-time Grand Slam champion’s creative role in bringing a fictional character to life for her audience as he revealed a new venture.

He stated, “Have I thought about making toys for children? I have kind of, Qai Qai which was a doll that Olympia had, or still has, but it was just one of the many dolls that she had that became a kind of internet personality because of my wife’s creativity. We actually built a business around it, like a Pixar 2.0 called Invisible Universe.” 

Along with that, he also hyped up the former world number one for her amazing idea, because of which they were able to create a business, making different types of dolls available for kids. Subsequently, he didn’t stop there; he also applauded Williams’ creativity over the caption too. Ohanian wrote, “Thanks to my wife’s creativity + Olympia’s Qai Qai doll (which is avail on Amazon now 👀), @InvisibleUniv became a company.”

Every now and then, the 40-year-old American entrepreneur never misses out on an opportunity to applaud his wife. Last year, he also pulled an unfeigned appreciation gesture for the 23-time Grand Slam champion on the occasion of Mother’s Day while hyping his wife in a different role.

When Ohanian praised Serena Williams’ motherhood

On the occasion of Mother’s Day last year, the doting father and husband took to his Instagram account to share an amazing wish for his wife. He shared a picture of the mother-daughter duo enjoying their meal while he sat in front of them, taking a picture in the mirror reflected behind them. Along with that beautiful picture, he wrote, “Greatest Mama of All Time, Serena Williams.” 

Subsequently, he dedicated the beautiful picture to his wife, the love of his life, and the mother to Olympia and Adira. Even after being together for more than 6 years, the love between them has grown beautifully with time as they stand by each other through thick and thin.


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