“No One Likes a Grass”: Pissed Off Mike Tyson Goes Viral as Olympian Exposes Boxing Legend’s Outburst at Fury vs. Ngannou Gala Dinner; Video Draws Wild Fan Reactions

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Why would one make a former world champion like Mike Tyson wait? But if you were to do so, be assured that you will witness his wrath, even if it’s shrouded in humor. A video has been making the rounds on the internet that shows Tyson all fumed up after he was forced to exercise some patience.

The incident dates back to weeks ago when the boxing realm descended to Saudi Arabia to witness the high-profile exhibition-esque clash between WBC heavyweight champ, Tyson Fury and debutante boxer, Francis Ngannou. Mike Tyson’s presence at the event was justified more than ever as he stood by the ring to support Ngannou, whom he took under his wing before the October 28th clash. While things did go in favor of the Tyson-Ngannou duo that night, something else irked the legend.

A video shared by former pro-boxer Tony Jeffries shows ‘Iron Mike’  all suited in a stiff tuxedo yelling, “Hey listen, right? I’mma get the f*ck outta here. Let’s get this shit started, alright?” What happened that got the legend so fumed up you ask?

Well, Jeffries explained that at the gala dinner before the Fury-Ngannou fight, all boxers present at the venue were called for a picture in the adjacent room. The first person to reach the photo session was Iron Mike. However, after having to wait for other boxers, Tyson lost his calm. The video has prompted fans to discuss the reasons behind the former boxer’s reaction.

One fan suggested that Tyson used boxing as a means to vent his anger and frustration. However, after he hung his gloves, he could not find alternatives to boxing.

Mike Tyson might have faced skepticism when joining Francis Ngannou’s camp for his showdown with Tyson Fury. Ngannou’s open workout with Tyson drew mockery, and the exclusion of renowned coach Teddy Atlas fueled controversy. It further prompted speculation about Saudi money’s role in Tyson’s involvement, alleging it was part of the Kingdom’s “sports washing” strategy.

However, Ngannou silenced critics with a stunning performance. He knocked down Tyson Fury in the third round and narrowly lost by split decision. Tyson, on his ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’ podcast, praised Ngannou’s coachability. He emphasized the effectiveness of his advice and predicted the devastating left hook that played a crucial role in the fight.

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