“Make the Fight Happen and That Outcome”: Gervonta Davis Responds to Rumors of Devin Haney Stopping Him in Sparring Leaves Fans in Chaos

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Sometimes, bouts outside the ring become the main draw. How implausible! However, if the Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney feud undergoes scrutiny, even skeptics might find themselves leaning towards the thought. An old conversation about Haney stopping Davis seems to have found a new lease on life. But like last time, a quick reply from the latter came, questioning the logic behind such a claim.

@HowBoxingWorks had tweeted, “Stop making excuses; you look goofy. I don’t care what his excuse is; he got stopped regardless. Devin Haney indeed stopped Tank; get off his n*ts and look at the facts of the situation.” Just like the last time, Davis didn’t waste any time responding. He said, “M*****f***er can’t even stop someone with 8 Oz on you think think he stop someone  w 14 or 16 yo boy.” Later, the Baltimorean southpaw added that the only reason they are picking on him is because he is a good publicity stunt for their match.
The Boxing Voice shared the tweets through an Instagram post early today. As could be expected, a slew of comments flew in. Both boxers enjoy the support of a die-hard group of fans. Many voices believed that both boxers should enter the ring and settle the argument for good.
The following expressed his frustration at the confusion. First, it was Gervonta Davis who came close to preventing Haney from continuing. Now it appears that it was the latter who turned the tables on the former. The best solution would be to make a fight between the two happen. Whatever the outcome, that alone would be considered: “At first, it was Tank who almost stopped Haney. Now it’s Haney who almost stopped Tank. Just make the fight happen, and that outcome will be the only one that matters. In the ring. Like the professionals they claim to be.

According to this fan, Davis has a strong chin. On the other hand, Haney is not particularly known as a powerful puncher. Hence, expressing their disbelief, the fan in fact considers the claim total garbage: “Yeah, I’m calling bull**it. Tanks got a surprisingly good chin, and Devin ain’t exactly Mr. power-puncher.” For the following fan, the narrative sounds unbelievable despite being a Devin Haney fan. However, they pointed out that ‘The Dream’ deserves credit for challenging the best. Hence, it’s high time ‘Tank’ starts facing legitimate challenges: “Even as a Haney fan, I don’t believe that story. But respect to Haney for taking on the best. Tank needs to start taking on real challenges.

Approaching the issue a bit more directly, this fan stated that Davis would knock down Haney. Moreover, the Baltimorean isn’t lying when he says that the unified champion hasn’t knocked out any of his recent opponents: “Devin going to sleep, and Tank ain’t lying because we have yet to see him stop anyone recently.” Echoing almost similar thoughts, this user also pointed out that Devin Haney hasn’t knocked out any fighters in the last few years. Hence, they proposed to wait and watch if knocks out any future opponent like Gervonta Davis does: “He ain’t knocked out in real fights in years; see if he gonna knock somebody out like Tank in the springs.

Clearly, given his immense popularity, most fans are finding it hard to believe in someone halting Gervonta Davis.

Adrien Broner, who seems to have some knowledge on the matter, spoke about it on the podcast ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game.’ As most know, ‘AB’ is close to both Davis and Floyd Mayweather Jr. He said, “He sparred Devin. It’s packed, it’s hot. They get in there. Tank hit that n****. He hit him, boom! Then he hit him again, and he like went out… Tank got a little bit more fatigue….and once they kept going, Devin got, you know, Devin got the best of them, okay, but in a real fight time with eight-ounce gloves on bye.

As far as the actuals are concerned, Davis, after the Ryan Garcia fight, has yet to return to the ring. Incidentally, he even had to spend 44 days in prison for a 2020 case. Various rumor mills speculate that he might make a return by the first quarter of 2024. Devin Haney, on the other hand, after a successful title defense against Vasyl Lomachenko, moved to 140 to challenge Regis Prograis. The duo will meet on December 9 at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Time alone will tell whether he will stay back and fight other champions in the light welterweight division or return to the lightweight division. If he comes back, then a fight with ‘Tank’ might be in the offing.


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