“Something Crazy Happens and He Knocks…”: Boxing’s Most Popular Internet Coach Opens Up on His Favorite ‘Unpredictable’ Fighter Gervonta Davis

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In the unpredictable world of boxing, where a single punch can shift fortunes, preferences among fans and experts are often diverse and fervent. Enter Jonathan Male Jordao, an internet coach and former athlete, whose insights carry weight in the boxing community. His recent conversation with ESNews brought forth an unexpected favorite in the ring: Gervonta Davis. Why Davis, you might wonder? Jordao’s reasoning isn’t just about skill or records.

It’s about the thrill, the unforeseen, the moments that leave audiences gasping. Davis, with his remarkable unbeaten streak and flair for dramatic victories, fits this mold. But there’s more to Jordao’s admiration than meets the eye. His endorsement of Davis isn’t just about boxing prowess; it delves deeper into the essence of what makes a fighter truly captivating.

In the high-stakes arena of professional boxing, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis stands out not just for his undefeated record, but for his electrifying style inside the ring. This very aspect caught the attention of Jonathan Male Jordao, the popular internet boxing coach. In a recent interview with ESNews, he candidly expressed his admiration for Davis.

The interviewer’s straightforward question, “Who’s your favorite fighter right now?” received an immediate response from Jordao: “Gervonta Davis.” This choice wasn’t a mere preference. It was a testament to Davis’s unique approach in the ring. Jordao elaborated, “He is unpredictable. Suddenly he could get punched or something but something crazy happens and he knocks out the guy.”

This unpredictability was vividly showcased in Davis’s fight against Ryan Garcia. In a bout where every punch was a potential game-changer, Davis’s striking prowess turned the tide. He floored Garcia with a fierce bodyshot. a moment that epitomized the ‘crazy’ Jordao referred to.

Further delving into Davis’s boxing persona, the interviewer asked, “Is Tank the face of boxing?” Jordao responded with a measured yet optimistic view, “He could be the face of boxing.” This statement resonated deeply, especially considering Davis’s recent proclamation of being the face of the sport.

Jordao’s endorsement adds significant credence to Davis’s claim. His insight, coming from a background of both a sportsman and a coach, offers a compelling perspective on Davis’s standing in the boxing world.

The boxing world buzzed with excitement following Manny Pacquiao’s recent remarks about Gervonta Davis. Pacquiao, a legend in his own right, acknowledged Davis as “a good fighter” during an interview. The conversation then veered into thrilling territory with Pacquiao issuing a direct challenge to Davis. He proposed a potential showdown, suggesting that if Davis moved up to 147lbs, they could face off, even considering a compromise at 145lbs.

Pacquiao’s confidence was palpable. Declaring his readiness for such a match as he confidently stated, “That’s not a problem for me. I am an experienced fighter.”

This bold call-out by Pacquiao, and his willingness to meet Davis in the ring, ignited Twitter, with fans acknowledging it as a testament to Davis’s growing prominence in the boxing world.

Pacquiao’s open challenge and willingness to meet Davis at a mutually agreed weight class underscores the respect and recognition Davis has garnered among boxing’s elite. This potential matchup not only excites fans but also signifies a pivotal moment in the sport.

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