Months After My ACL Surgery”: Floyd Mayweather’s Son Gives Injury Update as He Flaunts His Bowling Skills

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s son, Koraun seems to have recovered from the injury he incurred months ago. The junior member of the Mayweather clan gave an update on the same while showcasing his skills at the bowling arena.

24-year-old Koraun is Mayweather’s oldest son. He was born in 1999 and today positions himself as an influencer who makes music. The singer and songwriter runs his own YouTube channel named, King Koraun where he uploads music videos on a timely basis. He is not remotely inclined toward the sport of boxing, something that his father aced in his time. However, he still is a public figure owing to his activities outside of the ring. So of course, when he gave an update about anything in his life, especially his health, it was a pretty big deal.

There has been no clarification as to why Koraun had to get surgery for his ACL. But in his recent stories, he did hint at him making a good recovery from it. The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is a crucial ligament in the knee that connects the thighbone and shinbone. A tear of it however includes a strenuous recovery time, including a surgery. In an attempt to show much of the progress he’s made with the injury, Koraun storied a video of him striking all pins at a bowling alley. He wrote, “Months after my ACL surgery… still got it a little.”

Currently, it seems like things are better between Koraun and his dad, ‘Pretty Boy’. However, that was not the case always. At the age of 11, the son called the cops on his father to report domestic violence against his mother, Josie Harris. He went on to call Pretty Boy a “coward” at an appearance on USA Today.

Floyd Mayweather’s bond with his family has been vividly discussed in public forums. ‘Money, a father of four, has three children from his previous relationship with late Josie Harris – sons Koraun and Zion, and daughter Jirah. Further, his fourth child, a daughter named Iyanna, was born to his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Brim.

Mayweather’s relationship with his children, however, extends beyond the complexities of his personal life. He often expresses his love and devotion to them, sharing moments of joy and pride in their achievements.

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