Tiger Woods Receives Strong Verdict as Phil Mickelson Turns Inspiration Behind Legendary Coach Pete Cowen’s Insight

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While golfers make history on the golf course, the team and individuals behind the scenes make sure that the players hit the perfect shit which stars in the news. On Essentially Sports’ FanCast Exclusive, the Iconic golf coach, Pete Cowen, shares tits and bits about making a major winner.

Pete Cowen has made legendary golfers like Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Sergio Garcia, and many more in his decade-long career. Cowen knows what makes and breaks a player. Following the topic of Rory McIlroy’s major championship drought, Cowen highlighted the chances of Tiger Woods clinching another major victory.

Essentially Sports Noah Slack asked the legendary golfer about when will McIlroy end his 10-year drought. McIlroy won his last major in 2012 at the Open Championship. Since then, the 4x major winner has always been a few steps away from grabbing another win. Slack used the example of Tiger Woods, as he too won his 15th major after 10 winless years.

“He is one of the best players in the world.” However, McIlroy now has a tough competition, Brooks Koepka. As Cowen said, “Brooks has won five majors in the last six years, since 17. So all of a sudden Rory’s got players that are major winners.” McIlroy is trying his very best.

Koepka, even being a LIV golfer, has an exemption for the majors for the next five years. Speaking on the topic of major winners, Cowen dug up Phil Mickelson winning his last major at the age of 50 and said, “If Mickelson can win at 50 then Tiger Woods can win at 50.” Woods is nearing 50 and might make his comeback at the Augusta National next year.

Noah Slack asked Cowen about the nature of McIlroy, off the course as he has been in the news for raging and taking a strong stance against the LIV defectors. Cowen dedicated McIlroy’s caddie and best friend, Harry Diamond, to keeping in check and calming him behind the scenes. However, Cowen did confess the stark difference between young Rory and McIlroy at present. Cowen said, “The problem is, if you give a 20-year-old $50 million, are they gonna change? Of course, they change.”

Moreover, Cowen sort of warned the fans and said, “Admire your heroes from the far because when you get close to them, they surely disappoint you.”  Cowen was speaking in the general sense of the fascination of the fans with their inspiration, particularly for McIlroy.

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