“Really Pisses You Off, Huh”: Ahead of Oscar Duarte Fight at 140, Ryan Garcia Gives Cheeky Response to Gervonta Davis’ Recent Dig

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For the Californian boxer, it was the biggest fight of his career thus far. Unfortunately, the outcome was far from what he had initially expected. Gervonta Davis knocked out Ryan Garcia in the seventh round. It was a big jolt for the young, until then-unbeaten boxer, who enjoyed massive social media popularity. Nevertheless, with the fight now over, the two had seemingly wound up their long-time beef.

But, as it appears now and is often seen from time to time, the embers of their difference are perhaps yet to be doused. Followers got a glimpse as the two boxers decided to have a run-down with each other. In the latest, the boxer from the east coast shot first. However, the one from the west coast didn’t waste any time either. He launched an immediate response. Ryan Garcia fights Oscar Duarte Jurado in a few weeks.

According to a few followers, his chances are pretty bright in the light welterweight division. A user who goes by the name Ray Jackson wrote, “Ryan Garcia will be undisputed at 140. The whole division just got put on notice #Boxing” Soon after, Gervonta Davis had the tweet in his sights. He responded with a meme that simply called out, “Cap!

It would be grossly incorrect for anyone to expect that ‘KingRy’ would leave the matter to fans and followers. He replied with a poser. He inquired as to Davis’ level of annoyance regarding his fight in the 140-pound division.

After the loss to Davis, Ryan Garcia spoke about the possibilities of a rematch with ‘Tank.’ However, he made it clear that he wouldn’t be going back under 140 pounds any more.

Last year, on July 16, Ryan Garcia fought for the first time in the 140-pound division. Nine months later, he returned to the ring. However, it wasn’t in the light welterweight division. The fight with ‘Tank’ took place at a catchweight of 136 pounds. Additionally, a 10-pound rehydration clause prevented both boxers from exceeding 146 pounds during the second weigh-in. Despite his physical advantages, Ryan Garcia could barely do anything against the powerful Baltimorean’s relentless onslaught.

The latter knocked down ‘KingRy’ in the second round. Soon, it became clear which way the fight would wind up. Fans and the audience didn’t have to wait too long. A powerful body shot from Davis in the seventh round took away whatever fight Garcia had in him. After an eight-month break, he will once again commence a new campaign as a light welterweight with a fight against the purebred Mexican Oscar Duarte. Just like the lightweight, the next weight class has a set of luminaries against whom Garcia could go in the near future.


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