Megan Rapinoe’s Farewell Heartbreak Leaves Serena Williams’ Former Coach ‘Absolutely Shattered’

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Sports is full of uncertainties. Be it tennis or any other sport that an athlete plays, the slightest of errors could prove to be costly for the players. The same happened with Megan Rapinoe as well. The American international, who shocked everyone with her skills and tricks played the last-ever match of her illustrative career. However, things did not go her way and she was forced to retire early.

Reacting to the whole scenario, the former coach of Serena Williams took to Twitter to share her heartfelt feelings about the instance. Not only this, she also talked about how she felt when the soccer legend was forced to end her career most unexpectedly.

The sporting world was left in shock as Megan Rapinoe suffered a heartbreaking end to her illustrious career. In the NWSL Final, less than three minutes into the game, Rapinoe suffered a devastating injury in her final match. The emotional scene unfolded in Snapdragon Stadium, where Rapinoe received a standing ovation.

Reacting to the whole situation, Rennae Stubbs, the former coach of Serena Williams expressed her disappointment for Rapinoe. Stubbs shared her sentiments on the unexpected turn of events while suggesting that she did not deserve to end her career like that. “Absolutely SHATTERED for @mPinoe!!! SHATTERED!!!!! she doesn’t deserve to finish her incredible career like that,” wrote Stubbs on her Twitter account where she shared her heartfelt message for the soccer star.

Thus, things did not go well for Megan Rapinoe who played the final match of her illustrative career. However, as she puts an end to her career, the whole world united in wishing her good luck while feeling sorry for how things ended for her at her final game.

Interestingly, Rapinoe’s teammate, with whom she played along in the national team, also announced that she would be retiring after the match. Ali Kreiger, who shared the pitch for a long time with her, played with Gotham as a defender, bowing out with grace in her final clash.

After Megan was sidelined due to injury, she went ahead to hug Ali and congratulate her for her illustrative career. However, after being out, she constantly supported her team from the sidelines and rooted for them. But, it was not enough for them as her opponents clinched the title. Interestingly, throughout her career, Megan Rapinoe never laid her hands on the NSWL trophy.

Thus, after a trophy-laden career, Megan had to bid an unexpectedly heartbreaking goodbye to the sport that made her what she is. However, with her friends and teammates by her side, and a legacy of greatness behind her, she will surely continue to grow from strength to strength.

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