Floyd Mayweather Bags $39000 With Boston Celtics Win Over Nets

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What did you think of last night’s NBA game? Well, for Floyd Mayweather Jr., the game worked definitely in his favor. The boxing legend won a massive sum of money after the team that he bet on comfortably won the match.

At their inaugural game in this NBA season, the Boston Celtics emerged victorious against the Brooklyn Nets. They scored an easy 127-107 in their favor. Payton Pritchard dominated with his impressive performance by scoring 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists over 30 minutes. While America still processes this bang-on start for the Celtics, Mayweather has already begun reaping the benefits of it.
Taking to his Instagram story, the former world champion, ‘Money’ Mayweather updated his fans about the riches he earned by betting on the Celtics vs. Nets match. He had bet a stake of $20,000 on the Boston Celtics on a leading sports betting site ‘My Bets.’  While $20,000 might not seem like a big amount for the $450 million dollar worth boxing legend, the money he bagged post the bet added another drop to his vast ocean of wealth. With the Celtics winning the match, Mayweather bagged a staggering $39,000
‘Money’ is a regular in the sportsbook scene. He, on multiple occasions, has bet exorbitant amounts of money on teams across various sports. On most of these bets, he came out winning the big bucks given his keen eye for analysis ahead of  big sporting clashes.

Apart from gambling his hard-earned money on massive sports franchises, Mayweather is also trying to keep himself active in the exhibition circuit.

Will Mayweather run it back with Pacquiao?

In another piece of exciting news, the iconic opponents, ‘Pretty Boy’ Mayweather and 12-time title winner, Manny Pacquaio might enter the ring yet again for an exhibition fight. The Filipino fame confirmed to the world that their teams are in negotiations for the fight, and soon the exciting details will be made public. Speaking about his readiness to undertake this fight, Pac-man said, “I am still active and training. I have an exhibition match this December in Japan. We are working on it, the opponent. We are working with Mayweather.”

The two fighters met each other in the ring for the first time in 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena of Vegas for an iconic clash. Mayweather came out of the ring victorious via a unanimous decision win. It was so widely watched that it garnered the most  boxing pay-per-view (PPV) buys of all time. While Pac-man went home $120 million richer, Money, the winner,  earned $180 million.

Both fighters have undertaken multiple exhibition fights since they hung their gloves in the professional ring. In June this year, Mayweather headlined his much-awaited exhibition clash against John Gotti III. However, the fight ended with it being called off midway owing to the massive brawl that erupted ringside. Pacquaio on the other hand went against DK Yoo in December of 2022. He dominated the fight by winning via a unanimous decision.


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