“His Muscle Memory”: Mike Tyson Playing Darts Blindfolded Left Fans in Awe

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Mike Tyson might not be at his peak right now but all those years of training still show. A careful analysis of Mike Tyson’s boxing reveals his distinctive style as a swarmer. Relentless forward pressure and a flurry of punches are the characteristics of swarmers.

By raising his hands in a defensive stance, Tyson could effectively block incoming punches, while his bobbing and weaving allowed him to evade attacks and close the distance. Once inside, Tyson leveraged his power, drawing strength from a well-placed leg, to unleash devastating knockout punches. Tyson has now transmuted his  punching accuracy inside the ring to the game of darts. He seems to have an extremely accurate aim, even when blindfolded. Recently, fans were surprised by the accuracy with which he scored his points as he played darts blindfolded.
In the post, the host asks a blindfolded Tyson to aim his darts and throw them at the center of the dartboard. While the first dart goes a little away from the center, the rest two hit the center of the dartboard accurately and leave the host mesmerized. Fans were nothing short of awestruck at this incident.
“First dart was to find the board second and third we’re aimbot” said one fan who claimed the first throw was for a mock trial.

“Darts ware to scared not to hit” said another jokingly, indicating that even the darts were scared of ‘Iron’ Mike.

“His muscle memory, his reflexes” another fan underscored the muscle memory which works in his favor even after all these years.

“He can Knockout “Anyone” and “Anything” A fan claimed that Tyson could conquer any opponent.

“The man the myth the legend lol muscle memory is so cool and he’s a master at it even on random skill tests like this” Another fan was left astonished as he pointed out the mastery of the legend over the smallest tests.

It must be said that Mike Tyson is a man of eclectic taste, not afraid to to try his hand at different pursuits.

The boxing legend embarked on a nearly 6000-mile journey from Las Vegas to Piatnica Poduchowna, a remote village in Poland. Why? Due to his deep affection for pigeons. In a surprising move, Tyson met with a local pigeon dealer in the small village, astonishing its 1,800 residents by purchasing not just one but a remarkable 100 birds. Tyson’s love for pigeons dates back to his childhood. These birds served as his solace and escape, teaching him the importance of compassion. Despite the stunning fame of ‘Iron Mike,’ his heart remains connected to the simple joys found in his feathered companions.


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