Anthony Joshua Builds $53,380,750 Worth Real Estate Portfolio, Acquires Few Prestigious Buildings in London

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Anthony Joshua has been a part of many superfights in his career. From fighting Wladimir Klitschko years ago to facing the current lineal Heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, ‘AJ’ has amassed millions of dollars to his name.

The British boxer is engaged in several other ventures, investments, endorsements, and sources of income. Moreover, in a recent turn of events, he made headlines in the boxing world over his impressive real estate portfolio. So let’s wait no further and dive into all there is to know about his real estate empire.

It is reported that he has a net worth of roughly 80 million dollars. Moreover, a substantial amount of his money is spent on purchasing real estate. His real estate portfolio is quite versatile. He has both residential and commercial properties to his name and all of them happen to be in the United Kingdom. Only earlier this year, he made a big purchase of mixed-use buildings in Central London, New Bond Street for £25M.

A post was made by an Instagram account named Made2box that reported, “He is building a serious commercial property portfolio which is now worth over £50M. It added, “He now has plans to purchase another mixed-use block at 73 New Bond Street that encompasses the Bonds Mayfair bar in London.”

It is safe to say that his investments will keep him financially afloat even post his retirement. Moreover, let’s take a look at where his desire to make money stems from.

Joshua and his fondness for money

‘AJ’ is regarded as a role model. However, he does not shy away from acknowledging that he has a vehement desire to earn money for himself and his family. Additionally, he asserts that he is in the sport to earn money and that too in abundance. In an interview, he stated, “Money, Money, Money! I like making money.” He added, “This is a prizefighting sport like I’ve been broke. My family’s been broke, I know what this s*** means, and I do it cause I’m good at it, and I hustle hard and when it’s all said and done, no one will care about me no more.”

‘Femi’ asserts that he is in the sport to earn and that too in abundance. Moreover, it is his humble beginnings that have instilled a desire in him to be wealthy. It was poverty that ignited a fire in him to be financially secure.


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