“Deep Down He Want to…”: Shakur Stevenson Reveals Why He Has More “Faith” in Gervonta Davis Fight Happening Earlier Than Devin Haney

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In a sport like boxing, where legendary matchups seem as elusive as a unicorn riding a rainbow, Shakur Stevenson has dropped a bombshell of optimism about a potential matchup. ‘Sugar’ Stevenson is all set to take on his upcoming opponent, Edwin De Los Santos, on 16 November in T-Mobile Arena, Sincity. However, that’s not the fight, fans and experts alike have been waiting for quite some time.

The boxing community has collectively shown extreme anticipation for a fight between the Newark native and Gervonta Davis or Devin Haney. While talks of ‘Sugar’ facing Haney came close previously, it fell apart quickly due to a dispute regarding purse split. In a recent turn of events, the Houston resident revealed his optimistic thoughts about a fight with ‘Tank’ happening before a fight with the ‘Dream.’ But the question remains – what is the reasoning behind his optimism?
While appearing in an interview with Fight Hype, ‘Sugar’ Stevenson suggested that the Gervonta fight would happen before the Haney fight. “I got a lot more faith in the Tank fight happening before Devin fight,” said Shakur. He hinted at Davis’ competitive spirit, emphasizing ‘Tank,’ like himself, must be itching to prove his superiority.
“I think Tank is a competitor. I know deep down inside he want to prove to the world that he’ll beat me. As well as I want to prove to the world that I’ll beat him,” said Stevenson. Citing that as the reason, Stevenson asserted Davis would definitely fight him. Moreover, when it came to Haney, Shakur asserted that Haney would stay in the 140 division for a long time. “I think he’s going to be at 140 for a long time,” said Shakur.
With the fight night approaching quickly, the boxing community is buzzing with utter anticipation to see Shakur in the ring again. However, the fight wasn’t easy to arrange for the Newark native. Several other boxers had previously declined to fight ‘Sugar’ for one reason or the other.
Nevertheless, Edwin stood up for the challenge. According to an article from Boxing FN, Shakur gave him all the credit for accepting the fight. Yet, as far as Shakur is concerned, he is aiming for the three-division champion title. “Watch me become a three-division world champion,” Stevenson said in media reports.

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