Yesteryear Tennis Playboy Boris Becker Ponders Over Popularity After Venus and Serena Williams’ Touching Reactions to Grigor Dimitrov

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Despite his heartbreaking Paris Masters finals defeat, Grigor Dimitrov won many hearts. The Bulgarian star put on a courageous display at the tournament but couldn’t get the better of Novak Djokovic in the summit clash. He went down fighting against the World Number 1 in straight sets 6-4, 6-3. Following his defeat, he shared a heartwarming message to which legends, Venus and Serena Williams reacted. Seeing this, another tennis legend, Boris Becker had a pertinent question.

Grigor Dimitrov has struggled with injuries that have prevented him from giving his best. Nonetheless, he is in the best phase of his career of late. Although he lost to Djokovic in the finals, his spirits were uplifted by his loyal fans and the Williams sisters. However, after all this, Boris Becker puts forward his query. Here’s what Becker had to say.

Following his defeat in Paris, Grigor Dimitrov broke down while seated in his chair, having come so close to winning a title after years. The moment was captured on camera and it went viral on social media. A few hours later, Dimitrov took to his official Instagram handle to thank everyone for their supportive messages.

Talking about it, Dimitrov said, “Feeling grateful. I have all the messages, all the support and the love I’ve received is touching. I just want to say thank you for everything to everyone that has been on this journey with me. Thank you for a memorable.” Following this, Dimitrov’s “biggest fan” commented, and took internet by the storm. The comment caught the eyes of Becker who couldn’t stop himself from making a remark.

Apart from several fans, the Williams sisters reacted to also Grigor Dimitrov’s post. While Serena said, “Love you Grigs!!!!!!!!!,” Venus reacted by saying, “Please note I am your biggest fan more than @serenawilliams.” Seeing Dimitrov getting love from these tennis legends, yesteryear star, Boris Becker, took to his official Instagram handle to ask a pertinent question. He asked, “Is Grigor the most popular guy in tennis or what?!?”

Not just Venus and Serena Williams, Dimitrov received huge support from his opponent as well. Novak Djokovic did a wonderful act after spotting Dimitrov’s breakdown after their match.

The Serb was engaged in an interview while Dimitrov was seated in his chair after the match. While the Serb was giving the interview, he spotted Dimitrov crying. Watching his emotional expression to the loss, the World Number did an amazing act of kindness and won many hearts.

Djokovic rushed to Dimitrov’s chair and tried to console him. Additionally, he also hugged him in a wonderful act of sportsmanship. His move was widely praised on social media, proving why he is a true champion.


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