“Something Was a Little Off”: Months After Errol Spence Jr’s Loss Against Terence Crawford, a World Class Trainer Outlines the Probable Reason for ’The Truth’s Unexpected Performance

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The echoes of Errol Spence Jr.’s destructive loss at the hands of Terence Crawford still reverberate through the hearts of boxing fans. It’s been several months since the unforgettable night when ‘Bud’ Crawford took apart Errol Spence Jr. in a one-sided affair. However, fans and pundits alike are left wondering what went wrong with ‘The Truth’ that fateful night. Shedding light on the potential reason behind his out-of-character performance, a world-class trainer appeared in an interview.

It’s worth mentioning that after his devastating loss to the Omaha resident, Spence quickly activated his rematch clause to face Crawford a second time. The decision from Spence received a plethora of remarks, suggesting it was a bad idea. Some experts and fans even suggested Spence should retire, but Spence paid no heed to those remarks. Meanwhile, Stephen Edwards, legendary boxing trainer, reveals the potential reason behind Spence’s uncharacteristic performance.
While appearing in an interview with Fight Hype, Edwards began by asserting that he doesn’t agree with the way the media have treated Spence after the loss. “I hate the way the media has turned on him and saying so many negative things about him,” said Edwards. He went on to confess that there was something off with the way Spence performed in the fight against ‘Bud.’ However, he also highlighted that it could be because of Crawford’s superior skills.
“It looked like something was a little off, if we honest. But maybe that was just Crawford,” Edwards told Fight Hype. He went on to suggest that the reason Errol even landed the fight with ‘Bud’ was because of Errol’s performance against Yordenis Ugás. Edwards also suggested that because of his prior performance, people thought he could win the fight against Crawford. “Eroll looked great against Ugis. Because of how good he looked against Ugis…he made this fight…everybody thought was going to win,” said Edwards.

Coming to the potential reason behind his poor performance, Edwards hinted at the weight class. “I don’t know if it was the weight or whatever…All I can say is that’s one of the reasons why…sometimes it’s not a benefit to wait fights out,” told Edwards. He also suggested that Crawford was a little bigger while claiming Errol should have fought when he was more comfortable. “One guy is a little big…you got to make the fight when you more comfortable…to make the weight,” said Edwards.

Later in the interview, Edwards claimed he was hesitant about talking about the weight because it discredits Crawford’s performance. Edwards also stated that since Errol is not making any excuses for the loss, he can’t make excuses for Errol either. “[Errol Spence] he not making no excuses for himself, so we can’t make no excuses for him,” said Edwards.

Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. rematch: will it happen?

Crawford and Spence are expected to come face-to-face for their rematch. Their last encounter in July resulted in a 9th-round technical knockout victory for ‘Bud’ Crawford. With that said, a recent video from AKHi TV sheds light on the details of the rematch. It’s also worth mentioning that Spence claimed he wasn’t feeling like himself during the fight.

Moreover, the video featured a tweet from Michael Benson, which revealed that the fight will happen sometime in February next year. However, there is no official agreement signed between the two of them. Interestingly, there were even reports of disagreement between Errol and Crawford about the weight class the fight will be held at.

After months of speculating about what went wrong with Errol, Edwards, a renowned boxing trainer, sheds light on the potential reason. Meanwhile, with the rematch on the horizon, it would be interesting to see if Spence could turn things around.

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