Floyd Mayweather Jr Flashes $325,000 Time Piece

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There are reasons why hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring young boxers look up to Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a role model. Most of it has to do with boxing, what he has accomplished, and what he has done for the sport. But for a few, it’s the crazy rich, uber-luxurious lifestyle the undefeated former champion leads. It’s been over six years since he retired from active boxing. However, the Grand Rapids-born Olympic bronze medalist remains the world’s richest boxer.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., like many of the world’s elite, is known to be passionate about a few collectibles. His car collection remains worthy of a serious dekko. But giving a close competition to the four-wheels are the timepieces that adorn his wrists. The former champion is a proud owner of some of the costliest and rarest watches in the world. Time and again, he makes it a point to showcase a pristine model to millions of fans and followers. They found their idol early this morning, donning a Richard Mille with an estimated market value of over $300,000.

One picture, as the old adage goes, is worth a thousand words. The photograph of Mayweather Jr. that he shared through his Instagram story shows him with his left hand draped across the steering wheel of his Rolls Royce while he sat behind the wheel. The RM65-01 Richard Mille Chronograph decorates the wrist. According to the portal chrono24, the men’s watch comes with transparent dials has sapphire crystals.

While the case is made of titanium, the bracelet has been crafted with rubber. The 51-jewel timepiece has a water resistance of 5 ATM and a power reserve lasting up to 60 hours. The price listed for the 2022 model was $325,000.

The prima donna of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s watch collection remains the $18 million ‘Billionaire Watch.’ The undefeated former champion announced the purchase of the unique model some 45 years ago through an Instagram post. Made by the prestigious jewelers Jacob & Co., it features 260 carats of emerald-cut diamonds. Reportedly, each of those pieces weighed roughly 3 carats.

The former champion, whose overall career earnings crossed the billion-dollar mark, resumed exhibition boxing post-retirement. Since 2018, he has participated in seven such fights. It’s a different matter that only three were scoring matches, which includes the most recent one with Deji Olatunji that took place in Dubai last year. Out of the remaining three, three had no scores involved, and one, which is the most recent one, ended a no contest. Reportedly, Mayweather Jr. is on the hunt for his next opponent, amidst talks of a rematch with John Gotti III.


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