“New Castle for the King”: After Making $25 Million Against Spence Jr, Terence Crawford Shares Picture of His New Mansion Leaving Fans in Awe

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In the world of boxing, victories are often measured by belts and bruises. But for Terence Crawford, it’s bricks and mortar. Fresh off a stunning win against Errol Spence Jr. and a cool $25 million richer, Crawford’s fists aren’t just packing punches. They’re building palaces. His latest Instagram post offers a sneak peek, not of swollen gloves or championship belts, but of the stately entrance to his nascent mansion. A testament to his prowess outside the ring.

At “Chateau Crawford,” the staircases rise, not to a podium for a belt, but to the halls of a king’s domain. Here, the talk isn’t of jabs or uppercuts. It’s about architecture and legacy. There’s no ring in sight, yet the champ’s latest move is strategic, the calculated unveiling of success. As the world buzzes over his triumphs, Crawford is building something greater, a fortress befitting his moniker, ‘The King.’
Transitioning from the reverberating echoes of the ring to the hushed awe of grandeur, Terence Crawford’s latest reveal echoes his monumental rise. The caption, simple yet grandiose, “The palace at Chateau Crawford’s coming soon…,” sets the stage for an opulent future. The photo captures the entrance to his impending mansion—a narrow path leading to regality, with twin staircases framing the way to an abode designed for boxing royalty.

The reactions are immediate and telling, a cascade of admiration and wit, reflective of Crawford’s recent triumphs. One fan marries humor with respect, jesting, “That boy fried that fish & start building mansions,” a nod to Crawford’s mastery over Spence Jr. in the ring. Another person’s commendation is succinct, reinforcing the sentiment with, “Well deserved my guy.” The tone shifts with one user’s toast to prosperity, “WHEN U PLAY GOOD THEY PAY GOOD….,” drawing a direct line between Crawford’s victories and his wealth.

Meanwhile, one person spotlights the design, “love the narrow entrance with the two staircase coming from the sides”. And the local support beams through one fan’s prideful proclamation, “NEW CASTLE FOR THE KING OF OMAHA!!!!,” cementing Crawford’s place as a hometown hero.

Crawford celebrates his sons’ sporting triumphs

In a touching showcase of paternal pride, Terence Crawford, the welterweight maestro, turned the spotlight from his own accolades to the budding achievements of his sons. Through his Instagram stories, Crawford shared a glimpse into the very tournament that had his sons following in his formidable footsteps. The stories featured Terence Crawford Jr., beaming with medals and mementos of victory, earning a heartfelt “Number two, good job, son” from the champion.

While it remained a mystery whether the second triumphant boy was T. Bud Crawford or Tyrese Crawford, the pride in ‘Bud’s’ congratulatory note was unmistakable. This display of familial pride comes on the heels of viral clips showcasing Crawford’s own wrestling prowess. Further solidifying the Crawford name in the annals of combat sports.


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