Serena Williams’ Former Coach Labeled a ‘Crook’ by Raging Simona Halep Fans After His Controversial Confession

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The Simona Halep doping controversy began in late 2022 and concluded recently. The Romanian was given a four-year ban for Roxadustat in her blood. Outrage over the sentence was immense, and the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) faced the brunt of it. However, some recent developments have shifted the anger. Patrick Mouratoglou, who used to coach Serena Williams and recently coached Halep, admitted to giving her supplements that contained a trace of the substance. Enraged, Halep fans have ripped him apart.

Halep’s fans did not like Mouratoglou much from the start. They had problems with him from the moment the provisional ban was given to Halep. Now, their dislike for him has increased manifold.

Recently, Patrick Mouratoglou said that he felt responsible for all issues faced by Halep. He and his team proposed to her that she take collagen. However, the collagen they brought for her was contaminated with traces of Roxadustat, and over time, the dosage made it discoverable in her blood. After a late confession, fans of the Romanian were furious as they ripped the French coach apart.

A fan who was livid with the French coach went on a lengthy tirade and called Mouratoglou a “coward.” They said that if he had been truthful from the beginning, no one would’ve hated Halep. After having no place to hide, he revealed the truth, and now the comment of Halep feeling betrayed makes sense. They further discussed Mouratoglou convincing Halep to sack her entire team and said he didn’t want her family in her corner.

They also mentioned Halep’s divorce, which happened a year after she joined forces with the French coach. They asked the WTA and the ITIA to ensure he and his academy were punished heavily.

Noticing the choice of his words, one fan said that he still does not take responsibility and only said that he “feels responsible.” Therefore, he is only making this statement to make sure his tennis empire stays strong, and the guilt in his mind is reduced.

Mouratoglou’s image has taken a big hit, and he and his academy are bound to be scrutinized going forward. But for Halep, the French coach is not a personality who is loved by her fans.

When Simona Halep was under a provisional ban after initial doping claims, her fans had become doubtful of the French coach. Their dislike for him only intensified when Mouratoglou joined hands with Rune in 2022. Many took to social media to lambast him, going as far as to call him a “bloodsucker” and saying he had to find a way to be in front of the cameras again.

After that incident, Halep congratulated their partnership after Rune won the 2022 Paris Masters. Her fans were displeased with her behavior and said that she had been brainwashed and was experiencing Stockholm Syndrome, as she said she was proud of her coach.

Mouratoglou already carried a troubling image in the hearts of Halep fans. Now, after his confession, any chance he might have had at redemption has slipped away and gone forever.

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