Recent $10,000 Loss Doesn’t Hold Back Floyd Mayweather From Enjoying His Flamboyant Lifestyle; Downtime on a Yacht

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Floyd Mayweather Jr is not just any boxer. He is the richest boxer of all time. It is reported that ‘TBE,’ has a net worth of $1.3 Billion. And guess what? He sure knows how to spend it. If you follow his social media accounts, you know he loves to showcase his luxurious possessions. After all, there is a reason why he changed his nickname from ‘Pretty Boy’ to ‘Money.’ In a recent post, he appears to showcase his downtime on a yacht.

However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Only recently the retired boxer suffered a $10,000 loss. But why did he incur this loss? Let’s wait no further and find out why.

If you know Mayweather, you know he is a betting man. And as the name of the game goes, You win some, you lose some.’ He does not confine himself to betting on boxing matches but on sports across the board. Recently, he spent $10,000 on Phoenix Suns, a basketball team to win against San Antonio Spurs. However, unfortunately for him, he lost and also lost his betting money in the process.

But would Mayweather be fazed by losing a measly $10,000? Absolutely not. In a recent Instagram story, he appears to be having a good time on his yacht during an evening. In the clip, he also gave a brief tour of his yacht which is parked at a dockyard next to a pub. Needless to say, his yacht looked extravagant and a vessel that only a man of his wealth could afford.

It is fair to say that Mayweather lives up to his nickname. It is seldom to see an athlete, years after his retirement, live the same lifestyle as he did when he was competing. But that is Mayweather for you, an exception amongst exceptions. TBE would not have gotten to the pinnacle without his self-belief.

Mayweather on the importance of self-belief

Throughout his career span, Mayweather was subject to criticism and flak. However, he made it a point to not succumb to it and focus on his training. But this would not have happened had he not got faith in himself. In an interview, reflecting on the same, he stated, “That’s really the main thing you got to believe and you really got to stay focused at whatever you want to do in life.”







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