‘Vulnerable With His Kids’: Despite Having as Hard as Nails Mentality, Tiger Woods’ Ex-Coach Makes a Shocking Confession About His Hidden Vulnerabilities

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Tiger Woods, a name synonymous with golfing greatness, has often been hailed for his mental fortitude and unyielding determination on the golf course. His unwavering focus, resilience, and ability to perform under immense pressure have contributed to his legendary status.

However, a recent revelation by his former coach, Sean Foley, sheds light on the more vulnerable and soft side of this golf icon. This new revelation by the reputed coach has challenged and altered the perception of Woods as an invincible mental giant.

During a recent episode of the No Laying Up podcast, Sean Foley, who worked with Tiger Woods from 2010 to 2014, provided insights into the golfing legend’s life beyond the fairways. Foley emphasized that Tiger Woods is at his core a human being—an “ordinary guy who did extraordinary things.”

Foley touched upon moments where Woods displayed vulnerability. These moments broke down his image as a hard and mentally tough guy. He highlighted how Woods was remarkably open and “vulnerable with his kids” and his foundation.

Coach Foley recounted instances where Woods would become visibly emotional during speeches about his foundation, unable to hold back tears. This glimpse into Woods’ emotional side humanizes the golf superstar, reminding us that even the most accomplished individuals have moments of sensitivity as well as weakness at times.

Foley also delved into the challenges that come with unprecedented fame. He discussed how Woods had to construct a protective wall around himself as a response to past betrayals and wrongdoings by individuals in his life.

The golfing legend has built up a wall around his heart. This is true for many popular figures. But Woods, of all people, has had a significantly difficult life that has thrown many challenges as well as betrayals his way. His married life and love life were filled with betrayals and scandals.

Adding to the list, his former caddie, Michael Thomas, a.k.a. Fluff, also ended up compromising his loyalty and picking money over the 82-time PGA Tour winner. His long partnership with the bagman Steve Williams also came to an end on a bitter note.

However, given all the trials and tribulations of life that Woods had to encounter, he does continue to be a good father, a legendary golfer, and give back to society as a responsible world citizen.


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