Gervonta Davis vs Teofimo Lopez at 140LBS Next? Their Teams Tease Potential Mega-Event

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In the wake of Gervonta Davis getting released from jail, Sean Gibbons, the head of MP Promotions declared the chance of a rematch between ‘Tank’ and Isaac Cruz. As per him, since the fans in Mexico and the US showed a massive interest in Cruz vs. Davis II, it was ideal that the fight took place. In this context, Gibbons even trumpeted that PBC will deliver Cruz vs. ‘Tank’ II in the shape of a huge post-Christmas gift.

Following Gibbons’ statements, ES News recently spoke to the managers of Teofimo Lopez and Gervonta Davis. By the by, they suggested a potential title fight between the two boxers. At this, both Team Davis and Team Lopez applauded the idea of ‘Tank’ vs. ‘The Takeover.’
On being asked what they thought about Teofimo Lopez vs. Gervonta Davis at 140 for the title, David McWater, manager of Lopez claimed it was “a wonderful idea.” Similarly, Calvin Ford, Gervonta Davis’ trainer said, “Wonderful.” At this, Kenny Ellis, yet another coach of Davis added, “We’ve got unfinished business at 135, then we go to 140.” However, Ford interrupted and stated, “No, it’s not unfinished. We finished at 135.” Along these lines, he announced that he liked the fight – Lopez vs. Davis.
Following the statement by Ford, McWater announced that since Lopez only wants the biggest fights, it is likely that ‘The Takeover’ will fight ‘Tank’ one day. “Yeah, it will happen someday because Teofimo only wants the biggest and it seems so does ‘Tank,‘” McWater said. However, in this context, it is worth mentioning that Lopez, who reportedly trained for ‘Tank,’ felt Davis would never fight him.
After Teofimo Lopez, following his victory over Josh Taylor, announced his short-lived retirement, Max Kellerman wondered if there was a figure that could reignite Lopez’s spirit. At this, Kellerman also suggested the name of Davis. While Lopez thought ‘Tank’ a good fight, he called the latter “scared.” “‘Tank’ Davis? Yeah, but he’s too scared,” declared ‘The Takeover.’

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