‘Why Do I Faint..’ – Venus Williams’ Flirtatious Message Makes Serena Williams’ Ex-boyfriend Blush in Unexpected Scenes at Paris Masters

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Serena Williams’ sister Venus Williams is not the one to shy away from making a bold compliment to another player. She has always had a way with words that come out very confident. And recently guess who she sent out a compliment to? Well, let’s just say, he is related to her sister’s past love life!

If you guessed it to be Grigor Dimitrov, then you are right. Recently, Dimitrov was in an interview at the Paris Masters and he got a compliment from Venus Williams, which only made him blush like a teenager. He could not help but smile as he continued to gather words to form an appropriate response.

Recently, Grigor Dimitrov was in an interview with Prakash Amritraj and he picked just the right moment to pose a fan question. Well, it was from Venus Williams. And the question was actually a flirtatious comment for Dimitrov.

Venus Williams had asked, “Why do I faint all the time when I see you? And I think you are the hottest on tour.”

Dimitrov had halfway realized that it was from Venus Williams started laughing and blushed. He responded, “Oh my god! Dear Venus, we need to do one of our online sessions (gym sessions).

Even Amritraj could not help but jump into the conversation and ask to join the session. In fact, he even posted this video and tagged the Williams sisters and asked Serena Williams to join as she was invited, too. He wrote, “@venuswilliams Please text availabilities for this gym session 😄 @grigordimitrov & myself are ready 🤓… @serenawilliams is invited also 😜🤗

It truly turned out to be a fun conversation, especially given that there seemed to be no distastefulness. Even though Serena Williams and Grigor Dimitrov have dated in the past, it did not seem that it was uncomfortable for him to answer a flirty comment from her ex-girlfriend’s sister.

This truly shows that Dimitrov and Williams broke up on good terms, as Dimitrov has previously also shared a heartfelt message for Serena Williams. Let’s check that out.

Dimitrov is all praises when it comes to the Williams sisters

Time and again Dimitrov has praised both the sisters immensely. He shared that both of them are amazing human beings and he has a great relationship with them. He also shared that he is very thankful whenever they come to cheer for him and support him. Further, Dimitrov mentioned that he has some great memories with them.

And he loves to pick their brain in terms of the game and mental toughness. He finds both sisters to be incredible and has nothing but good and positive feelings for them. The camaraderie between the Bulgarian and the Williams sisters is particularly surprising, considering that Dimitrov has also dated one of Serena’s archrivals, Maria Sharapova. But, what are your thoughts on Venus’ question and Dimitrov’s adorable reaction?

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