“Wonder How Much Floyd Is Paying This Guy to Act”: An Overwhelmed Fans’ Wholesome Moment With Floyd Mayweather in Resurfaced Clip Does Not Sit Well With Others

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With decades of labor in the sport, Floyd Mayweather has earned himself fans and followers around the world who look up to him. And while it is the desire of many to meet the person they have studied and appreciated for a considerable length of time, only a few lucky ones have had the fortune of encountering ‘TBE’. In the near past, a particular fan caught the attention of the boxing world for the way he met Mayweather and treated him.

With the former five-division world champion in front of him, the fan almost lost his sanity. As if in a divine frenzy, he looked at Mayweather and kneeled in front of him. This, despite being astonished at first, Mayweather controlled the situation well and allowed the overwhelmed fan to click a picture with him. Here is what happened.

In 2022, ahead of his exhibition with Don Moore, Mayweather went to Dubai. As he was strolling the street one day, a fan spotted him. In the wake of his  discovery, he then nearly fainted confusing ‘TBE’ and his team. However, he became viral as he repeatedly told Mayweather, “After my God, I respect you.” As the brief clip recently resurfaced, several people took to X and hilariously reacted.

In a hysterical comment, one said they were surprised that Mayweather did not charge the fan for the photo he clicked with him.

Meanwhile, one wondered if Mayweather, who may rematch Manny Pacquiao, actually paid the guy to perform this act. “I wonder how much Floyd is paying this guy to act?” they asked.

With that said, one must admit that the fan had one of the best moments of his life as he met ‘Money’ ahead of the Moore exhibition. Hopefully, he attended Mayweather vs. Moore too in Dubai. In this regard, it is worth noticing when Mayweather is planning to fight next.

Mayweather likely to return on the undercard of Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia

According to various sources, Mayweather will likely return on the undercard of Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia on December 9. As per IFL TV, ‘TBE’ may even face the retired champion Mikey Garcia. Although Team Mayweather is yet to make an official announcement, fans are excited to see Garcia against ‘Money’. Hopefully, the fight will live up to fans’ expectations should it happen.


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