Days Before His Next Start, a Shackling Report Comes to Haunt Tiger Woods’ Son Charlie Woods

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Charlie Woods is gearing up for his next tournament at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship later this week. Riding on the strong wave of two back-to-back wins – first at the Regional qualifier for this event and next at the West Coast High School Tournament at the South Florida Junior Tour – the young golfer will aim for the title here as well.

However, one stat from his earlier tournaments will bother him, as he goes on to net his third title this season. As per the Notah Begay III Hill website, although Woods Jr. has a stellar portfolio, he lags in one crucial aspect of the game.

Charlie Woods won the Notah Begay Hill Junior Championship in August 2023, scoring a stellar 6 under 66. His career-best score has put the teenage golfer at the 1689 position in the  Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) ranking.

With a scoring average of 68.5, Charlie Woods’ CV so far looks like anything that a junior golfer will be jealous of. However, there is a glitch in the otherwise perfect scorecard that is sure to cause some headaches to the Tiger Woods cub.

The birdie putt statistics of Charlie Woods are quite poor. He has made only 12 birdies so far, scoring only 33.33% of his total points from them. Whereas, he has made 19 pars so far, with 52.78% of his total points coming from making pars. Although still a kid of 14, Woods Jr. will look to improve his birdie game in the coming months, as he goes on to face tougher competition ahead.

Interestingly he registered his career-best score at the Notah Begay III Hill Junior Championship with his father, Tiger Woods as his caddie. In the final round, he fluttered an eight-foot birdie to win the tournament. As he goes on to play in his next tournament at the National level, the 14-year-old golfer would hope to keep this momentum going and nail more birdie putts.

After netting the first position on the leaderboard at the regional tournament, Woods Jr. will return for the next stage of the tournament at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship in this month. Teeing off on the 6th of November, the tournament will take place at the Koasati Pines at Coushatta, with a registration fee of $99.

All eyes will be on the American golfer, as he jousts for the title along with 40 other kids. The 18-hole course is known for its tall trees, posing a significant challenge for golfers to overcome.

Interestingly, Tiger Woods won the Optimist Junior World Golf Championships as a young kid six times. Charlie Woods will surely look up to his pop for inspiration at the upcoming tournament. But don’t forget the birdie putts, kid

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