Amid Rip-off Allegations, Tiger Woods’ TGL Suffers a Tragic Blow From Former World No. 1 Pro

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The TGL has been receiving a lot of heat from the fans right from the day it announced its match format. The updates about the points system and the playoffs didn’t help win people’s support either. The points system, too, was made fun of. There have also been accusations that the TGL is an imitation of the LIV Golf format.

Amid all this, the upcoming league has faced another major setback. This time, it’s because of the former world-number-one golfer from Europe. The player was part of the 24-player roster put on the TGL website. His picture was right next to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy in the top 3. Not anymore, though.

The TGL has now hit another block from the side of Jon Rahm. All traces of Jon Rahm being mentioned on the TGL website have been taken down recently. The player profile collection only has 23 players now, instead of 24. There was a 24-player roster that was part of an article published on the site, and now it has been edited out as well.

A Twitter handle named Caddies Shack Podcast has posted screenshots of the website that include Jon Rahm’s name. One screenshot shows the 24-player list with Jon Rahm’s name on it. And the other one shows the inaccessible player profile page for Rahm.

The tweet read, “TGL 24-player roster that included Jon Rahm was taken off the website today along with Jon Rahm’s player profile and any reference to him on social media… TGL MAY have lost the defending Masters champion.” 

A Twitter user had mentioned Tiger Woods’ older tweet from November last year. Woods had quoted a tweet from TGL’s handle and welcomed Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm into the league. The TGL’s tweet that he quoted is not accessible either now.

Jon Rahm had recently accepted the honor of throwing the first pitch at a baseball game. The World Series is currently underway, and Rahm was at Game 4 between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers. Rahm threw the ceremonial first pitch in the game. In a tweet from the Diamondbacks celebrating the excitement, Rahm wished the team luck for winning the game.

The players had just started signing with teams in the past few days. Following Justin Thomas signing a deal with the Atlanta Golf Club, Collin Morikawa became LAGC’s first player to sign.


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