Infamous for Biting Evander Holyfield’s Ear, Mike Tyson Receives Absurd Ultimatum From Lennox Lewis, Makes Witty Remarks About Potential Fight in Resurfaced Clip

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In one of the most absurd moments in the history of boxing, Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997. The shocking incident etched itself into the collective memory of boxing enthusiasts worldwide. Years after the infamous biting incident, Mike explained that he lost his calm and lost his composure, which led him to bite Holyfield. Nevertheless, back then, the incident took the world by storm and made headlines for months, dampening his reputation as a fighter.

During the same era, Lennox Lewis was making a name for himself. He even went on to fight Evander Holyfield twice following the ear-biting fiasco. The first clash between the two pugilists came to a draw. But Lewis took home the win in the second fight, becoming an undisputed Heavyweight champion, something that hasn’t been replicated since. However, when Lewis was asked about potentially taking on Mike Tyson in a resurfaced clip from that time, Lewis had an unconventional demand for ‘Iron’ Mike.
During an interview, the host began by announcing that Mike Tyson was cleared to fight again after the biting incident. “He’s [Mike Tyson] been passed fit to fight. Or should I say fit to bite?” the host humorously announced. The host of the show then went on to question Lennox if he would be open to facing Mike in the ring. “Would you get into a ring with Mike Tyson,” the host questioned Lewis.
Lewis jokingly responded with a demand for Mike if he agreed to fight ‘Kid Dynamite.’ Lewis asserted he would fight ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson if the latter embraced a vegetarian lifestyle. “Only if he turns into a vegetarian,” Lewis told the host of the show. It’s worth mentioning that Mike and Lewis went on to face each other in 2002, where Lewis won the fight via knockout. Moreover, no such biting incident ever happened again.

Tyson is still making money from the bite fight

The shameful biting incident happened in the rematch between Holyfield and Mike. Since then, Mike has apologized to Holyfield for his actions. While the incident caused Mike’s reputation to deteriorate, in recent times, Mike continues to benefit from that fateful night. During Mike’s appearance in an interview with Joe Budden TV, Mike revealed that he is still getting paid for the fight.

Tyson and Holyfield have entered into a partnership to create ‘Mike Bites,’ tiny ear-shaped cannabis gummies. “He [Holyfield] is my business partner now. We have these Mike Bites,” said Tyson during the interview. Mike also revealed that he has invested $2 million in the venture and continues to reap profits from the business. “It cost me $2M, but I’m still getting paid from it,” said Tyson.

After Mike’s ear-biting fiasco back in the nineteen hundreds, Lennox made this joking remark about Mike. The two pugilists went on to face each other in the ring in 2002, where Lennox won the fight. However, we would like to hear your thoughts on Lewis’ remark on facing Mike.

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