Floyd Mayweather Joins Hands With American Rapper to Announce $25,000 Halloween Surprise for Fans

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Floyd Mayweather is always onto something every Halloween. It could be a peculiar costume that he sported that year or it could be a hefty donation to an organization of his choice. Mayweather never slips to make the headlines during Halloween. Notably, Mayweather loves flaunting his taste in fashion, so it’s not a surprise that Mayweather loves the festival of Halloween. He gets to don bizarre costumes freely without any judgment.

Six years ago, he even had four costumes arranged for himself that he wore alternatively on Halloween night. So, the fans wonder what will it be like this year. Well, Mayweather has decided to host a Halloween party at one of the finest venues for the occasion. Moreover, he has also planned a healthy competition for the best costumes.

On his Instagram, Mayweather has posted a digital poster for a Halloween party invitation. The title ‘Halloween at the Haunted Castle’ pretty much summarizes the theme of the party. The event was originally put together by Money Team boss P-Reala, and he’s managed to line up great events for the celebration of Halloween. There will be an incredible performance by the famous rapper, Ja-Rule. In addition, the music at this party will be top-notch, as it’s going to be managed by CovySuave, and Nicky G.

Besides the music, there will also be a costume contest, which has a luring cash prize in four categories. The favorite costumes will be decided on the basis of the Best Male, Best Female, Best Duo, and Best Group. So, it’s a night that no one would want to miss out on. Mayweather announced this event a few hours ago and wrote in the caption, “New York- Halloween Night, go party at Oheka Castle with @theharlemhotboy Open bar ALL NIGHT. $25,000 in total cash prizes for best costumes. Don’t Miss It!!

So this time of the year, Mayweather is going to make the night of his fans special. One time during Halloween, he gifted $50,000 to a Kids Charity event. So, as usual, the fans waited for Mayweather’s post regarding the festival, and he didn’t disappoint their expectations even this year.

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