Never Consumed Alcohol in His Life, Billionaire Floyd Mayweather Brings In $120 Million Star to Promote His New Champagne Line

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Floyd Mayweather is often regarded as one of the richest boxers in the world. He has generated over $120 billion in the span of his highly decorated career. Today, the undefeated retired boxer is worth an impressive $450 million, but not all of his earnings came from boxing. Over the years, Floyd had invested his $120 billion earnings in a plethora of business ventures. Yet his most notable investment was in the real estate sector.

However, Floyd recently went all in on a new business endeavor. What did he invest in now? Floyd Mayweather recently added two alcohol brands to his impressive portfolio despite having never touched a bottle himself. Previously, ‘Money’ had revealed he never drank because he has seen many athletes and entertainers break down because of it. Nevertheless, Mayweather recognized the potential of making bags from the business venture. Since the two brands are in their baby legs, Mayweather brought in Steve Aoki, an $120 million Disco Jockey, to promote his champagne brand.

One of the alcohol brands Mayweather is involved in is – Le Bon Argent, which manufactures premium champagne. Also, that’s the brand Floyd partnered with Steve Aoki to promote. ‘Money’ recently took to Instagram to share a clip on his story with Aoki, where people are pouring down Mayweather’s campaign in everyone’s throat.

Aoki seemingly was performing in some club, where the room was filled to the brim with people dancing to Aoki’s music. By the looks of things, people are cherishing the brand-new line of campaign from Floyd Mayweather. What’s more, Floyd recently gave a tour of his manufacturing plant and introduced the CEO of Sothern Wine Spirits, who will handle the distribution.

Floyd Mayweather’s other whisky brand is called Good Money Whisky. As the name suggests, they manufacture Canadian whisky. According to their website, their whisky is the product of the finest blend of Canadian whiskey. Moreover, they age their spirits in genuine American Oak casks for a minimum of five years.

This process results in the most refined taste that offers a unique balance of smoothness and warmness. Among its list of ingredients, vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak bob stand out the most. Currently, the whisky is only available in the United States, but success may propel the brand to go international.

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