“Needs to Be Fired”: After Losing His $10,000 Wager, Floyd Mayweather Lashes Out at Oregon State Beaver’s Coach for Making the Wrong Call In Recent Loss to Arizona Wildcats

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Floyd Mayweather Jr., initially known as “Pretty Boy Floyd,” later adopted the moniker ‘Money’ for obvious reasons. Beyond his boxing success, Mayweather has proven his prowess as a skilled sports bettor. However, this betting habit of his caused a tiny loss recently. In a shocking upset, No. 11 Oregon State faced a devastating setback in their Pac-12 Championship aspirations with a 27-24 loss to unranked Arizona on Saturday night.

This defeat, coupled with two losses in conference play, pushed them down in the standings, trailing behind Washington, Oregon, and USC. Mayweather has blasted their coach in a recent story that he posted on his Instagram handle. Why though?

In a pivotal fourth-quarter play, Arizona clinched victory against No. 11 Oregon State with a strategic drive. Starting at their own 45-yard line after a stellar 16-yard punt return by Jacob Cowing, Arizona dominated the ground game, advancing with powerful runs by DJ Williams. Quarterback Noah Fifita connected with Michael Wiley for a crucial 3-yard passing touchdown in the red zone. Despite Oregon State’s comeback attempt, Arizona’s win improved their record to 5-3, showcasing a notable improvement from the previous year.

Mayweather had bet $10,000 on the team which he lost owing to their defeat. He has held their coach responsible for the loss and made some extreme demands. “Oregon state coach needs to be fired. Even though it’s only a little $10,000 which is nothing but why the fu*k would you run the ball? It was two seconds to go until half time and you could of went up by 3 with a field goal.” ‘Money’ did not mind losing the $10,000 but watching the team he supported and bet on lose due to a faulty decision by the coach was unbearable.

Floyd Mayweather’s betting history

This is not the first time the boxer has tried his hand at betting. Infact, he has engaged in legal sports betting for years. He doesn’t hesitate to place substantial bets and flaunt his winnings to his vast social media audience of 30 million on Instagram and Twitter. Notably, he shares images, not actual cash, showcasing his victories. However, he carefully preserves his image and never reveals evidence of losses, leaving such outcomes only to be whispered about in rumors. This loss was certainly an exception.

Mayweather is known to be careful with money and his investments. Facing a loss after having weighed the options and making a smart decision no wonder infuriated the boxer.







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