“Mike Tyson’s Got No Experience”: Chael Sonnen Rips the ‘Fake’ Sport of Boxing, Roping in Floyd Mayweather Following Tyson Fury’s Terrible Performance

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In a twist few saw coming, MMA luminary Chael Sonnen has dropped a bombshell on boxing’s reputation. After Tyson Fury’s face-off with Francis Ngannou, the combat sports world was abuzz. But not for reasons you’d expect. Sonnen, never one to bite his tongue, took to his platform with allegations that might leave many fans reeling. Calling boxing a ‘fake’ sport is audacious, even for Chael. But what if there’s merit to his claims?

Imagine a world where a UFC behemoth allegedly outboxes the Gypsy King. Now, add Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather to this mix. Curious yet? If you thought the ring was the only place for heavy hits, Sonnen’s critique might just prove you wrong.

Is Tyson Fury as straightforward as you think?

As the dust settled post the Tyson Fury-Francis Ngannou bout, it wasn’t the technicalities of the fight that took center stage, but Chael Sonnen’s explosive commentary on the event.

The fight itself was nothing short of electrifying. From the start, Fury, known for his impeccable boxing skills, found himself in unfamiliar territory against the might of Ngannou. However, in a twist, the Gypsy King didn’t walk away as the undisputed victor, at least not in the eyes of many.

Sonnen emphasized, “Tyson Fury is notoriously a straight guy.” Yet, he was quick to point out, “he’s also never been in this position before. There’s never been anybody that beat him up that won the fight and lost the decision.” Drawing parallels to an earlier statement from Fury and his father, Sonnen recalled how they wouldn’t have contested had KSI won over the younger Fury. This, he claimed, showcased their straightforwardness.

Chael Sonnen uncensored: A hard-hitting analysis of Fury’s performance

However, Chael went on to question Fury’s post-fight demeanor, speculating whether he truly comprehended the fight’s events. “He was humbled, that was clear, but I’m not positive that he has a full recollection of what was going on,” Sonnen remarked, insinuating that Ngannou’s blows might have been more impactful than anyone recognized.

But Chael’s most audacious claim was yet to come. He boldly declared, “Boxing is fake.” The crux of his argument? Boxing, considered a revered sport, saw its best get outclassed by novices. Not once, but twice. He roped in Floyd Mayweather, highlighting an instance where “the greatest boxer” faced someone inexperienced in Conor McGregor, yet faced significant challenges. Then, with Fury’s match against a 37-year-old Ngannou, who trained predominantly in an MMA gym, Sonnen felt his point was further solidified. He underscored how having Mike Tyson, with no coaching experience, further exemplified this anomaly.

It’s undeniable that Chael Sonnen’s audacious remarks have thrown a spotlight on boxing’s integrity. While the Fury-Ngannou bout was the catalyst, the undercurrents of his argument tap into deeper concerns about the sport’s credibility.


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