“You’ve Got $100 Million”: Years After $165 Million Fight, Floyd Mayweather Puts Forth the Condition for Oscar De La Hoya Rematch

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Back in May 2007, the legendary Floyd Mayweather went toe-to-toe with Oscar De La Hoya in a spectacle of epic proportions. The undefeated former world champion took home a massive bag after defeating De La Hoya. To put the fight’s success into perspective, it generated $19 million from gate revenue alone and sold 2.4 million pay-per-view buys. It brought up the total revenue to $165 million, where De La Hoya took home the majority share.

The topic of a rematch between them has been brought up every now and then, but nothing ever materialized. What’s more, after Floyd retired from the sport for the first time back in 2007, he even entertained the idea. However, even back then, Floyd had stated that he would only do that fight under one condition. So, when Floyd’s comments resurfaced online amid discussions about a potential fight between Floyd and Manny Pacquiao, fans erupted with opinions.

Recently, a Facebook user shared an old comment from Floyd Mayweather regarding a fight with Oscar De La Hoya. “If I did want to come back, I was going to make, what, $50 million (for the De La Hoya rematch)? You know what, don’t call my phone unless you’ve got $100 million,” said Floyd. As the post started circulating on Facebook, fans quickly took to the comment section to express their disapproval.

One user urged Mayweather to pass the torch to young boxers and let them take center stage. “Let the young guys do their thing. No one wants to see this stuff. Both of those guys had a great career at some point. You must sit down and pass the torch,” wrote the user.

Another user criticized Mayweather while comparing him to Sugar Ray Robinson. The user claimed Robinson was a way better boxer because he fought more rounds per fight and more fights overall. The user commented, “Sooo tired of this dude!! Ray Robinson was the true undisputed. Fought 15-20 rounds, not 10. And over 200 fights!!!”

Someone else suggested if there had to be a rematch involving Mayweather, it should be against Manny Pacquiao. The user suggested that the fight would bring in more money. “If there was any kind of rematch, it should be Pac Man, Mayweather. I believe that would bring inn some money,” the user wrote.

Commenting on the same subject as the last user, this person highlighted that Pacquiao wants to end his career with a big fight. So, Floyd should fight Pacquiao while claiming no one wants to see a fight with Oscar. “Pacman wants to go out with a bang; this should be the final fight. No one wants to see Oscar,” the user wrote

The next user claimed that Mayweather would pick Oscar because he would run out of stamina, and Mayweather could keep running away from him. “Picking another fighter that ran out of gas. Mayweather will run, run, run till De La Hoya gives up again. That would be early in the second round,” the user commented.

Years after defeating De La Hoya, Mayweather’s demand for a rematch attracted lots of criticism from the boxing world. However, the burning question is – would you like to see a rematch between Oscar and Mayweather?





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