Mikey Garcia Gives Big Update on Floyd Mayweather Exhibition

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the biggest names in the sport. Throughout his career, he faced some of the toughest opponents in the sport and managed to stay undefeated. He now fights exhibition bouts against YouTubers, and MMA fighters and provides a spectacle for his fans to see. After his previous fight against John Gotti III that ended in a disaster, it seemed like Mayweather was ready to make his return to the ring.

Recently, rumors started surfacing that the boxing legend was going to make his return to the ring against former four-division world champion Mikey Garcia. It was stated that the fight would be an exhibition event in December. However, it seems that the truth is far from what was suggested by the rumor-mongers. Here’s what Garcia had to say about the supposed fight.

In an interview with ESNEWS, Garcia cleared the air, expressing his confusion about the origins of these rumors and setting the record straight. Garcia stated, “I don’t know how people start rumors like that. Like I said, I’m just here to work out a little bit. I was getting too lazy and I just wanted to come back to the gym a little bit and to lose a little bit of weight, and get in shape. At the same time, spot somebody younger, maybe teach them a little bit of something or motivate them a bit.”

Furthermore, he also shared his bewilderment about how these rumors gained momentum. “I wonder how they started—who started it. I think I know who was the first one I saw online, I know him personally. But he must have…what I heard from him, he interpreted you and I speaking here a week ago. He gives his opinion, and then somebody else hears him, and they take another step—it’s like the telephone game,” Garcia explained.

Mikey Garcia’s statement clarifies his intentions and sheds light on the Mayweather exhibition rumors. As of now, it seems these rumors might be nothing more than a game of miscommunication.

Garcia’s brother clears all rumors about the potential Floyd Mayweather bout

Trainer Robert Garcia has also debunked the rumors of his brother, engaging in an exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to Robert, he’s had a conversation with Mikey, who clarified that he’s solely sparring to maintain his fitness levels.

Speculation abounds that Mayweather might be keeping this potential matchup under wraps. Moreover, they hinted that he might be aiming to make a grand announcement closer to the date for maximum fan excitement. Previously, Chris Algieri claimed that Mayweather’s next exhibition is part of a promotional endeavor for his ‘Good Money Whiskey.‘ To maximize exposure, he would need a marquee opponent. Moreover, fighting another non-boxer, as he’s done in most of his exhibitions since 2018, won’t be as effective.

Mikey Garcia’s recent training activities, as Robert Garcia affirmed, are simply about maintaining shape and not adding excess weight. Mayweather isn’t likely to face Mikey in the ring, given the age disparity. As of now, the match remains a figment of someone’s imagination.


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