Martin Brundle ignored by Anthony Joshua in “embarrassing” US GP Sky F1 grid walk gaffe

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Formula 1 fans labelled the moment Martin Brundle was awkwardly ignored by Anthony Joshua on the United States Grand Prix grid “embarrassing”.

The former heavyweight boxing champion was one of several stars lined up to speak to Sky Sports prior to the start of the race. But when Brundle arrived at his side he was already in deep conversation with an astronaut.

And Joshua was clearly unwilling to cut that conversation short for Brundle. Nevertheless, the experienced broadcaster decided to wait awkwardly at the side of the two of them as they avoided eye contact with him, creating a lengthy period of almost dead air.

“I think he’s seen us,” Brundle said, as he waited patiently, before starting to get the hint and almost moving on. “If not, I think we’re going to chat with Rory McIlroy and can come back,” he added.

The toe-curling exchange prompted a huge reaction from fans on social media who found it difficult to watch. “God, Martin Brundle’s track walks can be embarrassing,” wrote one. Another added: “Move on Brundle. He doesn’t want to talk to you.”

A third pointed out: “Martin Brundle will say, ‘I don’t want to interrupt this conversation’ then will proceed to interrupt said conversation.” And a fourth concurred: “Brundle waiting for Anthony Joshua to finish his conversation is like me when I wait for my mum to stop talking to someone in the supermarket.”

But for some, the awkwardness was what made it such engaging television to watch. “If they ever get rid of the Martin Brundle grid walk I will riot,” declared a fan who clearly took some enjoyment from it.

Eventually, Joshua ended his conversation with the astronaut and turned to Brundle with a wide smile. And the topic of the Alpine F1 team came up, days after the news that the boxer was one of several high-profile sports stars to invest in the team.

“Sport is changing, we’re crossing over and I have a great team that I work with,” said AJ. “Obviously, F1 is massive but, hopefully, Alpine can have direct, committed supporters and fans like myself now, who will be here head-to-toe in Alpine gear.”

At that moment, Joshua pronounced the team name incorrectly, prompting him to correct himself with a laugh. He then continued: “What I’m here to do is raise awareness for the people who don’t know enough about Alpine.”


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