Anthony Joshua currently spending four days alone in a pitch black room and has paid £2,000 for the experience

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Anthony Joshua is currently spending four days completely alone with his thoughts in a darkness retreat.

The two-time former unified heavyweight world champion has been on his own in a pitch black room since Monday and will emerge on Friday evening.

The £2,000 self-reflection concept has seen AJ and a friend go into separate darkened rooms, abandoning all social interaction and connection to the outside world for four full days.

They have only been fed with food slid through the door on a tray, and received zero communication.

Joshua posted on social media on Monday evening: “Myself and [my friend] are about to embrace the darkness and solitude for four days (separate rooms)..

“Isolated with nothing to do except relax and clear the mind while being immersed in infinite darkness.”

He explained in an interview with Men’s Health prior to entering: “Life is all about experiences.

“I want to have more character and go through more experiences.

“I’m doing it for character.

“If I go for a walk in the woods, enjoy the scenery, the birds chirping, I’m going for peace.

“In this, though, it’s just me and my mind.”

Asked if he was worried about potential boredom, AJ replied: “No, because there is so much stored in the subconscious.

“What’s the worst that can happen? The worst is death so if it doesn’t do that, all good.

“I said to them I was a bit scared and he said that’s a good thing…

“By October 20, I will be one of the coolest people, coming out after sitting for four days in the dark.”


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